Inspired by ~ an attempt at papercutting

I am not sure where the urge to try this new craft came from. I have a feeling it was probably inspired by one of my favorite paper magazines  Paper Runway from Issuu. Intrigued, I thought how hard can it possibly be? Some questions are better left unanswered. With a pencil, some sturdy cardstock and my trusty, very sharp, cutterbee I went to it. julie hamilton, surface pattern design, Some thoughts as I sat there, knife in hand... One wrong move and its time to start again I should have stuck with straight lines for my first attempt This has the potential to be quite dangerous ~ do I even have any band aids in the house? Why am I holding my breath? Ok, I have to admit, many thoughts of being a surgeon went through my head. And of course with those thoughts came many more questioning the importance of my life endeavour as I sat cutting out pretty flowers.( This is where you come in and leave me a comment telling me how inspired you are by my creative offerings....) julie hamilton, surface pattern design Lessons learned: The heavier the cardstock, the better. Flimsy paper just doesn't work here. Cutting board should be on a slippery surface so rather than moving your hand around object, you move the entire board. This goes without saying  - straight lines are easier than curved. I know there must be proper paper cutting tools out there, but I am scared to look. I have enough crafts on the go. julie hamilton,surface pattern design Well you have probably guessed where this is going. That's right~ onto my next efuto!  I just might  be sending it your way. These envelopes have become my new journal pages. A place to try new techniques, play with color and experiment ~ small scale.The beauty of these is that I get to share them with others.  I am enjoying the enthusiastic response from the recipients. julie hamilton, surface pattern design DSC_0701 Last weeks efutos were sent out to Emily Cline, Debbie Smith and Dawn Clarkson Thanks to everyone who left a comment! Feel free to leave another because you just never know when an efuto may be coming your way! Enjoy the holidays!

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