Inspired for a cause

Recently I attended the Whistler Art Council fundraiser for the Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake program... The premise behind the event is this. Each artist attending the workshops and local artists in the area are asked to paint an 8" by 8" canvas to be hung on display for the event and raffled off to one lucky guest.This year we were lucky to get 75 artists participating. Here is my little piece I contributed for the evening. [caption id="attachment_487" align="aligncenter" width="1015" caption="mixed media - thread, acrylic, ink and lots of texture"][/caption] For a $50 entrance fee, each guest of the event is given a raffle ticket. These tickets are then placed in a jar and randomly drawn. The guest drawn is allowed to choose one of the paintings off the wall to proudly go home with. The only advantage here is just plain old luck. First ticket drawn gets first choice! We did limit our ticket sales so those who were drawn last did have a bit of choice. What I found most interesting about the event was the individual preferences. I compared my top ten choices to a group of others standing close by and few of us had chosen the same pieces. Different subject matter, different color combinations and textures...everyone had their preference and that is what made the event so interesting..very interesting conversations especially for one who likes to create. And once again proving that there is always someone out there who will like your art! I obviously had some good karma on my side, my name was drawn third. Here is the little gem I chose by Mike Svob, one of our many talented instructors at the Whistler Art Workshops. [caption id="attachment_488" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Whistler Black Tusk by Mike Svob"][/caption] A great evening was had by all...a well attended event, many participants contributing artwork, money raised for a good cause..a win win situation for all! All of which has sent my mind spinning.. We all love art. We all love to create art. There are countless others out there who want affordable art for their personal space. We all have a cause... I would love to hear of any fundraising suggestions or comments on how to marry the combination and produce art for a social cause.It can be community driven, group or individual.Anything performed in the name of art.. For more info on the Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake go here All photos courtesy of photographer Joern Rohde Thank you!

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