Inspired by...mentors, goddesses and rockstars!

I have just read about an exciting online event The Worlds biggest Summit  taking place in October. I believe it could be one of those awe inspiring events that will add many a'ha moments to your life (Its free!) 100's of inspiring  teachers discussing creativity, spirituality, business, health and wealth. I got all excited just reading the line up...I wish I could type faster.. Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way and many other international bestsellers all dealing with the subject of creativity. I am sure there are many of us out there still doing our morning pages (or at least thinking about them...) Christine Kane.  Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She is president and founder of Uplevel You. A course inspiring the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives. She is a rock start! No, seriously she is an accomplished folk singer and song writer. Sign up for her is inspiring! Danielle Laporte Love! All about inspired living, rocking your career, ruthless compassion . This woman is passionate! She is sassy!  Ever heard of the Spark Kit?( formerly The Firestarter Sessions). It is a digital program for creative entrepreneurs. It will ignite you into action!

Sark. The succulent wild woman herself.Founder and the creative force behind Planet Sark. I am sure many of you have seen her wildly colorful and inspiring art journal books. "a colorful collage of invention,surprises,soaring and seeking"

Many others including Jessica Swift and Jenn Lee will be offering up their own stories behind their creative journeys. Ok, you will just have to see for yourself! Well maybe not, I am having a hard time embedding the video.( its on youtube) All of this presented by Goddess Leonie. Definately a goddess in my eyes! I am in no way affiiated with this...but one day I hope to be just as inspiring, knowledgable and forthcoming as some of these women! Dont we all need a little of this in our lives!? And its free!!

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