Inspired creative community

I am lovin' my creative community. A group of like minded souls coming together. All age,shape, size, color and nationality. Many different forms of creative medium. I am only three months in to this community of fliers and I already feel a connection with these women, part and parcel of a collective, creative journey. A community that constantly encourages one to push past boundaries, be brave and believe in themselves. Inspiration at its finest! I was a little hesitant of joining an online creative group at first. Unsure of the rules and etiquette around blogging and online communities, I stood silently on the sidelines. I watched and listened as those around me reached out first with their creations,slowly added their stories and personal life and finally their souls.The enthusiasm and support I have witnessed has been overwhelming. There is so much LIFE going on within the group. I feel very special being a part of it all. I have to be honest, I also feel a wee bit guilty if I stay away for to long! [caption id="attachment_1041" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Big Blank Page of Possibility.."][/caption] Have a little peek into their lives. Have a look at their creations and listen to their story. I think you will like them as much as I do! Amaranthine Violet Amy Hillenbrand Beatriz Peñas B. Beth Cougler Blom Carmen Patti – Carol Bray Christina Fajardo Cindy Jones Lantier -- Connie Rawlins - Dana Brock - Deborah Velásquez- Elissa Brown- Hillary Courson -- Jacquie Williamson - Jane Paynting Janet Forrest Jennifer DeVille Jill Lambert - Julie Hamilton Kanchan Mahon - Karen Claverie Kari DeSaulnier - Kathleen Conard Kathleen McKinnon- Kathy May- Kelley Miller Kelly Corso- Kelly Hoernig - Kim Hyer- Kris Lanae Binsfeld - Lenore Angela - Linda Barutha -- Lisa Michele Products - Liza Zeni Baker - Lori Leissner-- Lori Moon -- Mary Sterk - Megan Schmitt Melanie Douthit Michelle Dwyer Michelle Reynolds - Rachél Payne (Rae) Rain Hannah - Rhiannon Connelly - Ruth-Mary Smith Sherry Richert Belul - Shirley Ann Stacey Chadwick Brown - Susan M. Walls-Beverly - Teresa Cash-Czech Tina Carlborg - Tonya Love - Ursula Smith Zulma Cadena

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