Inspired love for Anthropologie

My love for Anthropologie runs deep. I love everything about the experience.. The sights, the smells , the style. I have been known to sit myself down, usually beside a patient husband, and just absorb it all in. Sensory stimulation at its finest. Anthropologie, art,teacup,inspiration Artful displays, beautifully embroidered tablecloths and pillows, ornate candlebras, textured fabric,leather bound journals, weathered, mismatched...all of it beckoning me, inspiring me, transporting me into another world. If I cant be in these exotic far off lands at least I can have a little piece of them for right here at home. Anthropologie, inspiration, embroidered teatowels Unfortunately my visits to Anthropologie are few and far between ,the closest one being 2 hours away. But I have my trusty stack of catalogues, one for reading, one for cutting up. Possibilities for my inspiration board or a collage in my journal. To keep the love alive between visits I have tidbits of Anthropologie scattered around my home. I have my morning mug...I have more than just a few articles of clothing. Hmm...some of which I am lounging in right now. Anthropologie, teacup,inspiration I have my favorite books and magazines stacked high on my coffee table. Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, Anthropologie Check out Sibella Court...celebrated designer who travels the world in search of eclectic inspiration. Dream job! Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, Anthropologie Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, Anthropologie Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, Anthropologie Uppercase~ a beautifully handcrafted magazine about creative adventures. Paper, paper! Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, AnthropologieOh look here...Angela Ritchie of ACE camps. Our very own Whistler girl! If you havent had a chance to check out her creative retreats, you must do so. She has a fantastic line up of artisans all over the big, beautiful world. Sibella Court, Uppercase, magazine, Anthropologie, ACE camps, Angela Ritchie All of it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.. This makes me very happy. Anthropologie, inspiration How special do I feel receiving this little gem in the mail? They are doing everything right to fuel the fire. I also have a little secret to tell you.... Often on my visits to Seattle I would notice, crafty, very homemade, unique art hanging on the wall. I would often think...Why not mine? So feeling brave one January (my bravest month of the year) I arranged a meet up with the creative director at the downtown Seattle store.I had sent him photos of my collage artwork and it was arranged that I would bring down some pieces to show. Everything went well. He saw...he liked...he critiqued. He wanted them big, on canvas, a little bit grittier, more layers...I walked away excited, inspired to fulfill. Then 2 weeks later I left for Europe on a 5 month sabbatical with my family.... I never did follow through with him come Fall. Upon our return I was just too busy re-establishing our lives, unsure of what I wanted to create, unsure of my creative desires.....I dont believe I started painting again until the new year and in my artistically afflicted way I was onto something totally different. That was 2 years ago!! I often think about it and feel a twinge of regret. However, lately I have been thinking more about it and I am just puttin' this out there.... One day ~ I will be featured in one of their stores! I am not sure when, but it is first and foremost in my mind.I am just sayin'..... Maybe you too, should think about hanging some of your art there? And on that note, I am signing off.... Happy Monday to you!

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