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I am not sure if this is a good way to start the new year but I am re-posting {gasp} I am re-posting my own post mind you! I am blogging over at Tigerprints new youblog and wanted to share my love for the word of the year to all so doing a bit of double duty here. If you have a moment, please go and have a look~ designers worldwide having their say on design.We have just started, but I have a feeling it's going to be great. I would also like to share this with my Fly-Tribe group who are doing their annual word of the year blog hop. Its always interesting to read what words are inspiring others. Have a look here to join in! So without further rambling, here it is ~ my 2013 { will be bright and shiny!} post. [caption id="attachment_3568" align="aligncenter" width="584"]julie hamilton, artistically afflicted Blank slate of endless possibility[/caption] It’s that time of the year where, amongst all of the holiday chaos,I feel the excitement and need for new beginnings. A new start and with that some new year resolutions. The typical resolutions come to mind ~ eat less and better, exercise more, go to bed earlier.... Unfortunately, none of these resolutions really excite me on my quest to become a better me.. and, in typical fashion, by mid January I fall into my old habits.
 julie hamilton, artistically afflicted
A few years ago I was introduced to Christine Kanes word of the year. I love this  concept and thought I would share it with you in hope that you may like it too. The premise is simple - one word that encompasses your intentions for the year. One word that brings you clarity, a word that will attract what you want, regardless of the how. A word that contains energy, images and meaning, A word that your heart and soul gets excited about julie hamilton, artistically afflicted,typography  I am ignoring the how and concentrating on the what and why of my resolutions.I am concentrating on possibility and opportunity. A belief that what I wish to happen, will happen.. (It probably wouldn’t hurt for me to cross my fingers as well) This process may sound a bit daunting. A feeling I can attest to as I sit here surrounded by words! Do not fear ~ she has a very handy worksheet here to help you on your way. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted
I have always had difficulty coming up with one word so over the years I have created a collage of relevant words that all resonate with me. These words are designed to capture the essence of all that I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. They help to serve as gentle reminders. I keep them close at hand,ready to reflect upon, as I go about my daily life.
Wishing you lots of good health and happiness this new year. Make it your year to shine bright!

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