Inspired by random acts of kindness

Look at the little ray of sunshine I found in my post box. Nestled in between boring old bills,a couple of flyers and a newspaper was this lovely. mailart, artistically afflicted A beautiful, hand painted efuto from Eva Marion Seyffarth, a designer I met through the ABSPD course I recently took. To my surprise I also found a little something tucked inside- a collection of different types of paper. It's no secret that I love paper so this was super thoughtful!I would have taken a pic, but I was pretty inspired to get at it. mailart, artistically afflicted She even painted the back! DUH- I don't know why I didn't think of that on my original efutos!? Needless to say, but my whole envelop is now fully preened. mailart,artistically afflicted,julie hamilton I have been spending my journaling time painting, spraying, stitching and generally exploring new ideas on my growing collection of efutos. I am loving this process as an envelope is only so big and therefore easily completed in one session. I am thinking of it as a little art therapy for me these days. mailart,artistically afflicted,julie hamilton I continue to spend a lot of time at my computer designing patterns and prints so this is a welcome distraction and time to get my hands messy. It has also helped spark a few ideas for surface pattern design. I love the handcrafted approach to surface pattern and plan to dive deep into it as soon as my working knowledge of illustrator and photoshop increases. artistically afflicted,julie hamilton I have started to include a little pretty package of some of my favorite scraps to inspire the receiver to make their own efuto and send to some happy soul.Thank you for that inspiration Eva! mailart,artistically afflicted,julie hamilton I have to admit it makes me really happy to send these envelopes to random people who have warmed my heart in one way or another ~ My little token of appreciation.Thank you! Leave me a comment and one may just find itself in your mailbox! Have a wonderful weekend.

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