Inspired by ...the abstract.

For Illustration Friday - Stripes If you look closely you will notice that my abstract piece is all about the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines. Do you see it? It was either that or a poorly drawn zebra:) abstract As I continue plodding along through the month of November and the Creative Everyday project I have come to learn a few things... I need to be creative everyday. It only has to be a half hour, nothing more, hopefully not less. Its my down time. Time to think and ponder...or not. I enjoy the process of creating. More playing, less thinking. Love abstract for that reason..even though it is much harder than it looks. I am not a finisher. I find it difficult to go back to a piece especially if it is "of" something. I need community and challenges, mixed with a few pats on the back, to get me out of my comfort zone. I need to discover more colors and how to mix instaed of going back to the same old. I work best in short bursts of creativity. I have gone from creating for etsy to creating for my blog. I am not sure when that transformation came about, but it goes without saying that I am wholeheartedly enjoying blogging about my creative journey and the community I have developed around me. I am feeling very content and satisfied with where I am at right now. Etsy can wait... Enough about me.... How are you finding it to be creative everyday?

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