Inspired by the global search for talent-part 2

The Global Talent Search showcase is back due to popular demand!  Today we have Round two of The Global Talent Search hosted by Lilla Rogers studio If you missed Round 1 here it is here. These are just a small sampling of the 1500 entries, but all of these  vintage, playground inspired, journal covers inspire me! They motivate me to try new techniques,play with different mediums and experiment. I think Lilla hit the nail on the head when she suggested this theme . It really gives artists a great way to play and experiment. I have included the artist name below each piece and a link to their blog post about The Global Talent Search.

ju;ie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog

Simi Gauba of Simi Designs julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Tracy Bixby julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Lisa Firke julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Laurie Baars julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Heather Dutton of Hang Tight studio julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Ine Beerten julie hamilton designs Catriona Robyn julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Julie Ansbro of Acadreamia design julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog Gabriella Buckingham julie hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted} blog Tammie Bennett julie hamilton on {artistically afflicted} blog Pavinee julie Hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted} blog Jill Howard julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog Jennifer Orkin Lewis julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog May Leong Pretty impressive isnt it? I have mentioned it many times and here I go again, but I am amazed at the quality and the variety ~ so many different interpretations of one theme! Tomorrow is the big day!  Lilla Rogers and her team will reveal the top 50 who will move onto the second round. Fingers and toes crossed- I am hoping to know more than a few of those who make it. Making it into the top 50 is a huge achievement in itself when chosen out of 1500 entrants! Best of luck to everyone who entered! I will keep you posted on how it all rolls out.

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