Inspired by...the art of visual dissection

I love when I stumble upon the unexpected. Something unexpected that provides immense joy and an a'ha moment or two. Those are good discoveries. I had one of those moments when I stumbled upon this.. Belan Mena, book, design, Anthropologie Designer Bélan Mena has taken the lowly moth to a new level of grandeur. She spent 5  years  photographing moths in all their glory. She then transformed all of her images into beautiful pieces of artwork. Her designs have been used to adorn every surface imaginable. belan mena, design,
What inspired me was that the wonderful designs of nature are perfectly composed and combined in colors and forms.
Belan Mena, book, design, Anthropologie What inspires me most about her work is her ability to see and transform. I love how she has visually dissected each fragment of the moth and presented it in a very new and  exciting  way. Her use of color is vibrant and very unsuspected. Belan Mena, book, design, Anthropologie Personally, I am intrigued about the possibility here. Taking a concept and  exploring it to its fullest. Observing. Taking its shape, color, texture,marks...and exploring. There is definitely a lesson to be  learned in this type of work.One that I am very interested in practicing in my own painting and design work (to come!) I believe that every learning opportunity can be enhanced upon by just pushing the subject matter... a little further. Something I need to focus on and put into practice. A little aside here... I can't tell you how many poppies I painted before I actually sat down and really observed one. Who knew they had 5 petals?! My goal ~ to spend some time taking a theme and pushing it to it's limits. Or better limits. For more visual inspiration you must visit her website. Lots of visual eye candy ! I would love to hear if you have come across any other designers or painters who have created something similar to this. Do tell... Always in search of more a'ha moments.....
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Inspired by....some more intuitive painting with Flora

I am three weeks in to Flora Bowleys ecourse....Bloom True. Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride....but one that I am loving! I laughed out loud when I heard Flora use that exact term to describe the process. At least now I know I am on the right path! The typical painting goes something like this...
Oh, so much fun. Spreading paint with wild abandon.I could do this forever...this is what I love.Spray, splatter,swipe. Loving the cool colors and textures I am creating. Oh and I never knew how to make that color!! Wow, looking good.. Oh oh, now that's just plain ugly. How did it just go from great to bad? Shouldnt have done that. Paint over. Damn, just painted over a part  I really like. You want me to add black and white..oh ok..well now its just really ugly. Wheres the gesso. No, dont touch it...let it grow,trust your instincts....
Its madness. I have caught myself talking out loud.. more than once. Sorry, I mean talking to the dog. I love it...I hate it.. I  have had moments of feeling like a superstar...the next Rothko. I have had moments when I have questioned this style of working.I have had to leave the house more than once to just walk and clear my head.  My husband is very thankful he is away traveling. Well here you have my a possible finished product. flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting Stop shaking your head....I know...poppies again... comfort zone. I saw more than one parrot lurking around in there. flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting Not signed there is still lots of time for changes! I have to be honest,  this style of intuitive painting is right up my alley. I have comittment issues  at the best of times and the beauty of this style is that it can go any new direction at any time. Makes me feel so free... I do shake my head a bit at another poppy painting. But, there is a rhyme and reason to it all. I am trying to explore themes and different ways of presenting the same thing. Things that I love...things that inspire me. I have never painted just pods so that's a little different. I would be curious as to which stage of the painting you liked best. I know I was in love around Layer 4-5 and when I first started adding the images. I am finding that with most of my paintings I am loving the middle section of the process vs the final product. I believe there is a lesson to be learned here. I need to stop then...maybe go a little abstract and keep it loose. I find I am loosing all of the wonderful marks in my journey back into my comfort zone...texture. Constantly learning.... It feels good and while I do get a wee bit frustrated, it is nice to know I am making progress! Thank you for all of your comments as I stumble through this process. At times I still cannot believe I am putting it out there, but I really do love and appreciate the community that I have become a part much fun! Have a great weekend! Do you want to be part of this crazy, creative process with Flora Bowley? It is really quite fun! For more info on her course click here.Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}
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Inspired by ...the abstract.

For Illustration Friday - Stripes If you look closely you will notice that my abstract piece is all about the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines. Do you see it? It was either that or a poorly drawn zebra:) abstract As I continue plodding along through the month of November and the Creative Everyday project I have come to learn a few things... I need to be creative everyday. It only has to be a half hour, nothing more, hopefully not less. Its my down time. Time to think and ponder...or not. I enjoy the process of creating. More playing, less thinking. Love abstract for that reason..even though it is much harder than it looks. I am not a finisher. I find it difficult to go back to a piece especially if it is "of" something. I need community and challenges, mixed with a few pats on the back, to get me out of my comfort zone. I need to discover more colors and how to mix instaed of going back to the same old. I work best in short bursts of creativity. I have gone from creating for etsy to creating for my blog. I am not sure when that transformation came about, but it goes without saying that I am wholeheartedly enjoying blogging about my creative journey and the community I have developed around me. I am feeling very content and satisfied with where I am at right now. Etsy can wait... Enough about me.... How are you finding it to be creative everyday?
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