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Big Fat Art with Jane Davies

Meet Jane. Jane is fun, quirky, straightforward, very creative and a whole lot spontaneous! I had the pleasure of spending all last week with Jane Davies on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. Three days of Big Fat Art and another two of Monoprinting with the infamous Gelliplate. I was definitely in my happy place spending long days just creating with no means to an end, making unexpected marks, combining new colours and exploring lots of layers. A little ukulele playing did not hurt the process.... Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} We spent the week exploring fast, carefree mark-making with various mark making tools, charcoal, water-colour crayons, ink and pastel. We combined unexpected colours, playing with opaque and transparent colours. We added texture through the use of paint and handmade collage papers.We learned how to add lots of depth to our work. We even added a few drips here and there. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Most importantly though we silenced the inner critic within and created with no concern for what is right and what is wrong. Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} To be truthful, it wasn't easy. It can be a little disconcerting to try new things and work against principles that have been ingrained in you by every art teacher and book out there. What I loved about Jane was her constant encouragement to push past what we already know and try something different, and her love for the creative process versus the finished outcome. For me that included No imagery - no flowers, birds or other whimsical things flying around and, gasp, maybe putting some purple in my work. Ok, some things I just couldn't manage to push myself past, BUT look how awesome it looks below with the reds and yellows! Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} This, once again, reminds me of the importance of keeping an art journal. A safe place to try out new marks, colours and techniques. A place to make some really bad art with hopefully some unexpected surprises of greatness! Learning from Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} Here are a few of my works in progress. A few things I learned about myself: I love strong, bold colour. I love texture, but not necessarily patterned texture. I love depth.I love discovering little marks hiding underneath different layers.I love organic shapes. I love a wee bit of black in my work. I love contrast. I am a wee bit scared of the abstract. I still don't feel comfortable with the tension it often adds to work. I also learned that I need to add more areas of rest and lightness to my work. I need to take a deep breath and work on the details of each smaller piece within the bigger whole, to be more mindful and to slow down and sit with a piece before I call it finished. I need to add more interestingness to my work either by contrast, line or layering. Learning from Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} What a great week! I could spend all day, everyday, creating. For more info on Jane please visit her website. Do not miss out on her tutorials tab. Jane is very generous with her knowledge and discoveries and has dozens of great video tutorials to share. Small doses of creative inspiration! She also offers online and real life workshops. Sign up for her newsletter for more info on upcoming courses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Have a great week! I hope the sun is shining and the autumn leaves are in full color for you.
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Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn!

.....And then in the blink of an eye it was Fall... Sketching Inspiration - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

I am not sure how the seasons changed so quickly, but they did. I had decided to take the month of August off blogging due to a house full of children, visitors, a road trip or two and lots of work all mixed in. Here it is the end of September and I am just finding my way back here. Creative process - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} What can I say? It was an awesome summer. We did a little of this... beach Life - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

A little of that... Santa Monica Pier - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

A lot of this.... Creative space - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} There was no shortage of adventure, sights to see and good summer fun. I already miss it. I am sharing with you a few links to courses that kept me creatively curious this summer. All of them from Creative Bug. Pam Garrisons Creative Sketchbooking -  A three-part series working from journal to canvas. Lots of interesting mark making techniques and exercises  - working with your non dominant hand, intuitive drawing, paper collage and lots of mixed media. Art journal - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

I love Pam's use of colour and style. It was very interesting to me to see how she approaches her work. She makes it all seem so simple and random, but, wow, does she have great results. For more viewing pleasure check out #cbsketchbooking on instagram. Art Journal - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Next up was Lisa Congdons Sketchbook Exploration - a four-part series working from sketchbook to canvas. Lots of line work, mixed media, collage and abstract work as well, but a totally different approach than Pam's class. She inspired me to get out my markers and pencil crayons and I have re-discovered a whole new medium which is not only easy to use anywhere, but very satisfying in the mark making department.  Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

I managed to take a little bit away from both courses and adapt to my own style, painting and pasting my way to a finished piece. Finally I started Yao Chengs Watercolour class, but then life got too busy and I had to put it on hold. I am looking forward to the rainy season here in Whistler to get caught up on my learning. Rumour has it that Lisa's Sketchbook Explorations Part Two has also gone live. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it. Let the rains begin! See you next week!

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Colour me Creative - Summertime Blues

I may have a slight case of the Summertime Blues. All I want and need right now is more summer. I can feel life slowly starting to shift around here. The  mornings are damp, the air has a crispness to it and there is talk of going back to school.  I have four weeks to go until September and my plan is to savour every minute. Cool refreshing water, grass tickling my toes, the colourful pop of flowers, blue sunny skies... Inspired by my mood, this weeks colour palette is brought to you by the colour Blue. Colour me creative moodboard - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Life is just a bit crazy around here these days with guests and a never-ending stream of kids in my kitchen. I have taken to working in small short bursts that do not demand too much concentration. Small scraps of painted cut art  are working in my favour. When I finally do get a moment of uninterrupted time, I can put them all together into something that works. Sketchbook Explorations - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} I have also continued with my sketchbook explorations inspired by Lisa Congdon's Creative Bug course. Blogpost all about it here Playing with patchwork and motifs in my art journal. sketchbook explorations - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Playing with patchwork and motifs in Photoshop. Summertime Blues - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} My head is spinning with applications for these designs. As a surface pattern design I can see them on rugs, fabric, ceramics, paper and even stationery,combined with some fun hand lettering. I feel a September project slowly starting to develop. I love a new project - almost makes me happy and excited for the Fall to roll in. Until then, you can find me in the lake! Enjoy yourselves,
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Colour me Creative - Tangy Citrus Summer

It is hot. Oh, so hot. The temperature is rising and doesn't plan to stop. Sunny skies are here to stay in Whistler. When I take a look at this weeks colour palette, tangy, sweet citrus sherbets come to mind. There is definitely the sweet feel of summer going on here. Colour me creative moodboard - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} A few pattern swatches on my desktop. These will be some fun shapes to use when I get a chance to have fun in my art journal. Summer Quilt - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Unfortunately, the sound of work was calling this week and I didn't have time to create in my art journal. Instead kitchen wall art was in the making. I loved this assignment! I have to admit I am just a wee bit in love with all of my fruit and vegetables. I am hoping to get a chance to create some illustrated recipes for They Draw and Cook this summer. With all the fruit and vegetables coming into season, it is hard not to be inspired. Fruit Salad -  Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

I am also very inspired by my new Photoshop skills and the mix of all of my painted bits and pieces and the digital world. This is a whole new way of working for me and I am loving it. A big shout out to Instructor Sherry London and Pattern Observers Photoshop for Designers. LemonLime -  Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Photoshop for Designers is a 6 week intensive class that dives deep into the magic of Photoshop. It is full of information, so much information! Videos, PDF's, a class forum plus a private Facebook group - no question will be left unanswered. Sherry is a well spoken, very effective instructor willing to give her all to you. She is first to jump in and explain in detail any question you may have, which as you can many, when it comes to Photoshop. Watermelons - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

The next class starts July 6th. It would be the perfect summer project to dive into! Head on over to Pattern Observers site  for all the details. Enjoy your week and don't forget to support your local farmers market!

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Color me creative

This weeks colour palette ~ Mustardy yellows, reds, coral pinks and black. Warm and wonderful. Color me creative - a color palette {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton Designs

I love this mood board as is! I am inspired to make some abstract art just looking at it. My goal this week is to use these colours to create art in any medium and any style. I like the idea of preconceived colours. I find it easier to concentrate on certain aspects of art one step at a time. If I already have the colours in my head then I am already one step ahead. I can spend my creative energy thinking about my motifs, playing with lines and shape, composition. Cut & Paste Garden by Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}

It is no surprise that I love these colors. I am surrounded by them here at home. My walls are painted ginger root, I have large red and orange patterned pieces everywhere - throw cushions,blankets, lampshades and ,of course, artwork. Living in the mountains, my landscape is always in  shades of watery grays and blues. I want my house to be warm and cozy amongst the setting.Color me creative - a color palette {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton Designs

No wasted paper in this household - I took my colour moodboard and using my shapes and colours transformed it into some art journal pages. I am still playing in my art journal on a daily basis cutting new shapes and trying my hand at some abstract backgrounds. I have been spending a lot of time with my scissors these days. When in doubt stick a bird on I did. mixed media collage - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}Finally, moving along from analog to digital, a little photoshop work below as I try to master the program. it is a slow process but I find that the more I play with it, the greater my understanding. Scanning has also become a big part of my daily routine now. In my garden - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that a few of these images are from last week. I hate to bombard you with the same images, but I have decided to start a weekly #penpaperpaintpattern blog series with a chosen color palette for the week and create art around it. Every week I will then post here about my discoveries. It's a plan and i am trying to be two steps ahead. Enjoy the week,

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