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#Inktober Showcase

Inktober was started in 2009 and is still going strong today.  Mr Jake Parker, the creator of the project, has assigned very few rules Pick up a pen, draw, hashtag it #inktober, repeat. Anyone can take part and it seems like artists from all over the world do. I posted a picture and within 2 min 100 more pictures had been posted! The goal is to practice your drawing skills and develop the positive habit of doing it daily. Below are a few examples of my own work and a few from others within my surface pattern design community. Click on the pictures below for direct links to their Instagram accounts. Julie Hamilton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton[/caption] Playing with light and dark. Flower shapes, some seeds and pods and an owl for good measure. When in doubt stick a bird on it. Julie Hamilton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton[/caption] Next we have Katy Halford.  I found it hard to choose between all of her lovely drawings. This one made me smile so here it is.Katy Halford for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Katy Halford[/caption] Mary Tanana made some beautiful drawings on black paper with touches of gold, courtesy of uniball gelpens. Mary Tanana for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Mary Tanana[/caption] Heather Dutton spent her time illustrating every letter of the alphabet with beautiful patterns. Check out her instagram account to see more.  Heather Dutton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Amanda McGee  pretty much described all of us with her illustration. I am a big fan of her beautiful hand lettering! Amanda McGee for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Below is Flora Chang of Happy Doodle Land. Her name says it all. She loves to draw. Check out her new colouring book! Flora Chang for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Flor Inktober will be back again next year, but don't let that stop you from picking up a pen and just busting loose. Until then, feel free to share it with the rest of us on hashtag #shareyoursketch - another fun community to share your creative process. Ink on!
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Inspired by..Creative Everyday (a community..)

Gotta love having an extra day to get things done. However, here I am still posting February's challenge for Creative Everyday last minute..... This months topic....Night. A progression for you because it seems everyone likes to see the different stages a painting goes included! (No intuitive painting here!) Creative Everyday, birch, acrylic painting, trees,aspen,snow reative Everyday, birch, acrylic painting, trees,aspen,snow reative Everyday, birch, acrylic painting, trees,aspen,snow reative Everyday, birch, acrylic painting, trees,aspen,snow reative Everyday, birch, acrylic painting, trees,aspen,snow Fascinated with snow...the painted kind.I especially love the contrast between the lights and darks. Hoping to work further with this in the future. Short and sweet, but I have few other challenges to finish before the witching hour. To check out other artists interpretation of "night"  ~ have a look here! Adios my friends
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Inspired creative community

I am lovin' my creative community. A group of like minded souls coming together. All age,shape, size, color and nationality. Many different forms of creative medium. I am only three months in to this community of fliers and I already feel a connection with these women, part and parcel of a collective, creative journey. A community that constantly encourages one to push past boundaries, be brave and believe in themselves. Inspiration at its finest! I was a little hesitant of joining an online creative group at first. Unsure of the rules and etiquette around blogging and online communities, I stood silently on the sidelines. I watched and listened as those around me reached out first with their creations,slowly added their stories and personal life and finally their souls.The enthusiasm and support I have witnessed has been overwhelming. There is so much LIFE going on within the group. I feel very special being a part of it all. I have to be honest, I also feel a wee bit guilty if I stay away for to long! [caption id="attachment_1041" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Big Blank Page of Possibility.."][/caption] Have a little peek into their lives. Have a look at their creations and listen to their story. I think you will like them as much as I do! Amaranthine Violet Amy Hillenbrand Beatriz Peñas B. Beth Cougler Blom Carmen Patti – Carol Bray Christina Fajardo Cindy Jones Lantier -- Connie Rawlins - Dana Brock - Deborah Velásquez- Elissa Brown- Hillary Courson -- Jacquie Williamson - Jane Paynting Janet Forrest Jennifer DeVille Jill Lambert - Julie Hamilton Kanchan Mahon - Karen Claverie Kari DeSaulnier - Kathleen Conard Kathleen McKinnon- Kathy May- Kelley Miller Kelly Corso- Kelly Hoernig - Kim Hyer- Kris Lanae Binsfeld - Lenore Angela - Linda Barutha -- Lisa Michele Products - Liza Zeni Baker - Lori Leissner-- Lori Moon -- Mary Sterk - Megan Schmitt Melanie Douthit Michelle Dwyer Michelle Reynolds - Rachél Payne (Rae) Rain Hannah - Rhiannon Connelly - Ruth-Mary Smith Sherry Richert Belul - Shirley Ann Stacey Chadwick Brown - Susan M. Walls-Beverly - Teresa Cash-Czech Tina Carlborg - Tonya Love - Ursula Smith Zulma Cadena
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