Inspired by....playing with color, a tutorial!

What a week! If I had have known what the past week had in store for me I may have increased my caffeine levels a bit. life changes,5 yr plan,Lots of very big changes are happening here around our household. All plans in the making up until now, all talk and dreaming rather than action ~ until this past weekend ~ I am not sure what lit the spark, but trust me when I say it has been ignited.  Its go time. The next 6 months will be full of lots of positive change for us as a family. Pick up the phone and start dialing... I wont share too many details right now, but they include lots of moving parts. Moving homes, moving lives, moving ~ a 5 year plan is in place. Lots of balls in the air, now just a matter of timing and making sure they all fall in the right places. Ah.. the ball in the air metaphor. A favorite around this household.. My husband thrives with all his balls in the air. I like mine lined up in a row, preferably color coded and all the same size. The only similarities between us being that we both like momentum and lots of it.... Enough about me. Oh,wait, this blog is about may be the only thing that's all about me. The rest of me has somehow become all divvied up between life and family. Today, in my world, my issue is with color. This is not a new issue, but one that I am slowly discovering needs to be addressed. I have the books, the links and all the information I need to be a master colorist. Now is the time to actually absorb all that I have read and instead of haphazardly throwing color around, placing it where it is supposed to be so that my paintings start to SING. Oh goodness... golden fluid acrylics, paint, color Somehow it just seems easier to go out and buy the perfect shade! But, no,I have been told, many times, I only need 12 colors ~ with a bit of black and white mixed in. color mixing, acrylic paint, tutorial Taking that in mind I set out on an exercise to understand just how many colors can be mixed with 12 colors, a bit of titanium white, titan buff and black. This lesson was a little something I picked up from Julie Pritchard. Check out her site for some great online art courses! All you need here is some white paper, a few transparencies, paintbrush and paint. On the top of your white paper and transparencies write out your colors and a dark line acrylic paint, color chart, color mixing Along the side of your transparency and white paper write the following... pure, white, white++, titan buff, titan buff ++, black, white +, titan buff+ color mixing, acrylic paint,color chart Grab your paints, paintbrush and palette.I used 24 colors because I am not very good at following directions. I laid out my paints according to the color wheel, starting with my yellows and working clockwise to green, blues..and so forth. Using the example above with Quin Magenta First square = paint a square of pure color. Square below= add quin magenta with a bit of white mixed in. Square below = added the quin magenta+ white + a bit more white. ( ++ white) Square below = add quin magenta+ titan buff Square below = add quin magenta + white + a bit more white ( ++titan buff) Square below = add quin magenta + black Square below = add quin magenta + black + white Final square = add quin magenta+ black + titan buff mixing paint, mixing color, acrylic, paint, art tutorial Proceed on..complete above exercise with all colors. It takes time, but you will be very happy with the results! 1 color + white, titan buff + black = 8 colors I completed this exercise using 24 colors I had on hand which  = 192 colors. THIS is before I even began to mix colors...which I wont be doing, but will definitely take into consideration the next time I dive deep into my pocket to buy yet another tube of the perfect shade of green! Imagine the possibilities! Why the transparency you ask? color mixing,acrylic paint, tutorial Ever feeling a little lost wondering what color to add to your painting, maybe a little stuck wondering what color to use for glazing, or simply wondering how transparent/opaque your color really is?? The transparent color chart is your friend! Well friends, that's all I have to share today. Come back soon for more color info over the next few weeks. Don't hesitate to comment if you need further explanation! Off to hit "publish" and wait for the phone to start ringing.....
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Inspired by ...a little spontaneous expression

For Illustration Friday Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday on the Illustration Friday site. Then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. Anyone is free to join, regardless of skill or experience - just draw!! This weeks challenge ~ Puzzled.
The capacity to be puzzled is the premise of all creation, be it in art or in science ~ Erich Fromm
Playing with a bit of spontaneous expression for this challenge. A bit of spontaneous mark-making, mindless scribbling if you will, with ink on paper. Lets see what happens... Add more marks, obliterate others (its only paint!) discover shapes, follow your intuition..explore. intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making Add some color.. A color paint chip that has been pegged up on my inspiration board for some time now. Colors I would not usually use, but am intrigued by. Recipe ~ alizarian crimson, yellow oxide, carbon black, titan buff and titanium white. (ok...I know there is no yellow in the chip, but I just happen to have some slowly drying out on my palette so thought.. waste not..why not?) intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making, paintchip A little spontaneous expression for you! intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making I can imagine you may be a bit puzzled as to how this all fits into the topic "puzzled" Well, for me, this whole idea of spontaneous drawing ~ intuitive painting ~ is really just a matter of putting together the pieces of a puzzle. You have your marks, your shapes and your colors. Play with them ~ Move your paper around, discover shapes, add more marks  take away (paint over!) those that are not working. Follow your intuition. It either fits or is doesn't! A perfect quick and dirty art journal exercise. Challenge yourself with new colors and  new marks. Be free and most importantly be prepared to possibly discover something new and fantastic! I am off to find more info on this topic so that I can expand on this topic at a later date. If you have any interesting links on intuitive painting, expressive drawing, spontanous expression...I would love to have a read. This intuitive road to creation definitely intrigues me! Until next week...
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Inspired by...a little creative license

When nature calls I come running. I work well with the sun shining, windows wide open, birds chirping and lots of life surrounding me. My perfect world. My reality? Dirty snow, mediocre temperatures, drizzle, socked in by low-lying clouds.  I love my home, but  I lust Hawaii. (Unless of course I can have a bluebird, spring ski day...) I give Whistler the love it deserves most of the year, but I just have to work a wee bit harder to find inspiration during this time of the year. Spring is long and summer short. The grass is always greener... hawaii, big island, coral and lava, photography Call it my own personal creative license, but as I slowly work myself back into my reality I am just going to keep dreaming (and blogging) of Hawaii. Big Island, Hawaii, photography, Ahhh...doesnt that just make you feel better!?? All the senses  are activated by a little ocean time... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, Lava tube formed by hot lava flowing down into the ocean. Looking for an active volcano and a goddess to go with it? The Big island has it! Big island, hawaii, lava rock, photography Big island, hawaii, Volcano, Kilauea, photography A little heaven on earth. Ranch land, lush, tropical rain forests, waterfalls,volcanic desert, snow capped mountains... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, landscape The Big Island has 11 of the 13 ecosystems. Its the youngest island, but the biggest and still growing, thanks to Pele, the  volcano goddess. Home of the most active volcano, Kilauea, the tallest sea mountain, MaunaKea. ~ and it also has a Walmart, Target and Pier One,scheduled to open in September! Big Island, Hawaii, photography, surfing Still working on my comfort level in the water having lived in the mountains for over 20 yrs now... waves get my heart  a thumping. I will conquer them. Big Island, Hawaii, photography, flower In our backyard~ free! $15/stem at my local flower store, here in reality. Mango, papaya and avocado ripe and ready to go. And always more flora and fauna... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, red ginger v Big Island graffiti ~ lava rock and coral. The perfect contrast. Big Island, lava, coral,photography big island, hawaii, sunset, photography A perfect end to a perfect day. Bear with me a little longer as I transition back into my real world...but a girls got to dream! Where's your perfect world? The internet makes our big, beautiful world so accessible...I would love to check yours out!
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Inspired by...the way of Aloha

My Bliss list runneth over this week. I have a lot of Aloha in my life right now. Most believe Aloha is just a greeting, but the word is a way of life for most living here on the islands. Here, Aloha is an attitude, guidance towards living  a certain way of life ~ the Aloha spirit.
A, ala, watchful, alertness L, lokahi, working with unity O, oia'i'o, truthful honesty H, ha'aha'a, humility A, ahonui, patient perseverance
hawaii, coral, heart,photography For us, it is a time to reconnect as a family. Time to reconnect with ourselves, regenerate and reflect. A time to sit back and relax. A time to fill all of the senses. A time to feed the soul ~ soulfood. All my senses are stimulated here. The morning birds, the sound of crashing waves, sweet papaya, warm rays, fully saturated flowers.. color! BLISS! red ginger, flowers, hawaii Hawaii, seagrass, ocean wave hawaii, sand, barefoot hawaii, paddle board, hawaii, magic sands beach My daughters Facebook status update ~ home, sweet home... ...that makes me very happy... Please join us over at Livs blog with your own little Bliss list. By sharing, it gives each of us a chance to reflect on all the different things that others feel grateful for and a chance to appreciate all that you have. Happy weekend to all! I promise I will get back into this whole bloggin' world soon...I miss it! alcohol inks, gentle reminder Very thankful that I decided to put the alcohol inks in a plastic baggy in my luggage....
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Inspired by... Rex Ray and a collage a day

Welcome to the world of Rex Ray~ Great name. Great work. Have a watch.. [youtube] After watching this video I just wanted to climb right up there beside him on the desk and have a heart to heart chat about his journey, his experiences and generally what makes him tick. I believe we all need a mentor to help guide us on our journey. I have decided I want him to be mine. Rex...just text me!    ( because it doesn't hurt to put it out there..) I love everything about this video ~ his work, his attitude and how he represents himself. What struck a chord with me was his daily collage work.. Oddly, I stumbled upon this video just a few days after I had made the decision to try to create a daily collage. Serendipitous?? ..I am taking it as a sign from above.. As you may know, I love paper. I may even have a paper problem. I have stacks of it. I have been known to secretly retrieve it from the recycling. There are moments when I am not so proud of my artistically afflicted ways..... rex ray, design, collage a day, daily collage I have been spending the majority of my creative time these days working on my intuitive painting skills.Very enjoyable, but I do find that I often need to step away from it every so often just to give my canvas a chance to rest, recuperate and regenerate. rex ray, design, collage a day, daily collage Collage, especially with a limited palette, is a  breath of fresh air. I dont struggle as much with it. Right now I am sticking to homemeade papers, pen and thread... but I know I wont be able to resist adding  some paint in time.
Playing with textures and composition.  The theme for this group is "Out of the Woods". I have incorporated a lot of my homemade woodlike paper and birch bark from my very own birch tree.
Rex Ray, daily collage, moosehead,art
One of my goals for this year is to actually build up a body of work. Instead of flitting around from project to project, my goal is to  concentrate on working within a theme/subject. Spend some time thinking about the subject at hand and finding different ways to represent the same subject. I have been trying to work on this concept with my poppy paintings. Why not do the same with my paper projects? A small part of my brain also thought it may be beneficial for my upcoming surface pattern design course... Well it seems that Rex also thought it would be beneficial and who am I to argue with his success. So my friends I leave you with this..

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Every time I question the what and why of this whole creative journey, I come back to this ~  I love all the possibility. I love the zen like feeling and the a'ha moments I have when creating. I may never reach my ultimate destination, but what entertainment it has been along the way.
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