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Global Talent Search 2014 RoundUp!

I am very happy to be able to share lots of goodness with you today! A big thank you and shout out to all involved in todays blog post about Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014. I believe everyone put their heart and soul into this one. This years theme ~ create a piece of wall art based on "terrariums" You will be amazed at the many different interpretations. Lots of detail, different medium, techniques and colour used. Beautiful work! I will start with mine. A mixed media collage piece for you in a style I have been having fun with this summer. Julie Hamilton Designs for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Wendy Flynn Wendy Flynn for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Stephanie Olivieri Stephanie Olivieri for The Global Talent Search 2014 {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Sharon Landon Sharon Landon for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearchLesley Todd  Lesley Todd for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Rebecca Stoner Rebecca Stonerfor The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch   Mary Tanana Mary Tanana for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Deborah Velasquez Deborah Velasquez for the Global Talent Search 2014 0n {artistically afflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Natalie Alexander Natalie Alexander for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Sherry London Sherry London for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Gabriella Buckingham Gabriella Buckingham for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Carrie Tasman Carrie Tasman for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Jan Shepherd Jan Shepherd for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Alik Arzoumanian Alik Arzoumanian for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Barbara Chotiner Barbara Chotiner for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Lindsay Buck Lindsay Buck for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Evelyn Cassoli Evelyn Cassoli for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Brooke Witt Brooke Witt for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Onneke Van Waardenburg Onneke VanWaardenburg for The Global Talent Search 2014  {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch Lisa Rivas Lisa Rivas for The Global Talent Search 2014 {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearchNicky Ovitt Nicky Ovitt for the Global Talent search 2014 - {artistically afflicted blog} #globaltalentsearch And finally Gill Egglestons lovely illustrated piece. I am very happy and proud to say that Gill has made the top 50. I warned her that it was going to happen and it did! She is busy preparing for next weeks submission. We wish Gill the best of luck and are sending her lots of crazy good, creative vibes. Gill Eggleston for The Global Talent Search 2014 {artisticallyafflicted blog} #globaltalentsearchWell there you have it! A small selection of the 999 entries from 50 countries. To see all of the entries have a visit here. A Pinterest board has also been set up here for your viewing enjoyment. I spent the morning perusing through all of them and  was amazed at the beautiful composition, colour and diversity all based on one small theme. The talent is staggering! Thanks so much to all involved today. It's always nice to share. Best of luck to all those advancing on to Round 2!
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A sneak peek into the Global Talent Search 2014

It's that time of  year artists everywhere are putting on their creative hat and enrolling in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I enjoyed every minute of last years competition. It was the final assignment for months spent in Lillas class Make Art that Sells and a perfect way to wrap up all that I had learned during my time with her. Well,  I didn't win. In fact I didn't come in the top 50 either. I like to think I was hovering around 51st... I wasn't planning on entering this year. I love the process and brief of the competition, but my plate is full of design work and life it is just plain old busy in the summer around here. Yet, here I am! Call it a severe case of FOMO. What persuaded me in the end was this little video by Lilla herself and much discussion within my design community. I may have rolled my eyes a few times during the video but, as always, Lilla brings a smile to my face. She is truthful and straightforward. She makes you believe. Follow the link here to watch on Vimeo I made a promise to put myself out there in 2014. I am sowing seeds and, as cliche as it sounds, Lilla is on to something with her "inch by inch success is a cinch" I am also a strong believer that no art is ever wasted. So why not? I am not sure how I am going to approach this years top secret brief. I spent yesterday on the couch eating cookies and thinking long and hard about it all.I didn't have an ounce of creativity within me, but my head was swirling with ideas. Unfortunately, the theme is one that has been done before  and I am feeling a little hard pressed to come up with an original idea that is all me and my style. Something fresh..   work in progress for #globaltalentsearch on {artistically afflicted blog} A bit of research and some doodling, trying to put something together in my head and a starting point. I would like this piece to be traditional - very limited digital. I am pulling all my tricks out of the bag for this one. Sketching, painting, cutting paper...I have to trust that it will all come together, but right now I have a little bit of everything on the go.   work in progress for #globaltalentsearch on {artistically afflicted blog} Some  messy freehand dip pen work. My mind works best this way with no preconceived plan. Things are always pretty darn good at this point...then I add paint and it all goes a little sideways.. I think I will save my dip pen work for illustrator and some digital work. I don't mind the end result  below - it's not what I have in mind, but it's all about the process of discovering what exactly it is that I have going on in my mind. I hope that makes sense. work in progress for #globaltalentsearch on {artistically afflicted blog} From here I usually take elements I like and start to expand on them further.  I know what shapes and textures I like and I do love to cut and collage paper. work in progress for #globaltalentsearch on {artistically afflicted blog}   So the lingering questions remains... Do you stick with your style in a safe and easy way - a joyful way - do what you do best .. OR  do you throw it all out to the wind and create way out of your comfort zone with the possibility that it may suck. Haha..actually, that's not funny, it's plain old painful, disheartening and definitely discouraging. For example.. work in progress for #globaltalentsearch on {artistically afflicted blog}   I haven't a clue where this is going on how it even got there. It was fast and it was furious and honestly, I am a bit stuck. There is something I like about it, unfortunately I haven't figured out what that something is! It is this kind of work that takes me out of my comfort zone. I will finish it, but I am just not sure it will be in time to be submitted. The clock is ticking.... Best of luck to everyone out there! This is my community. I follow and support these people and vice versa. I will be thrilled to see any one of you win!
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Inspired by the global search for talent-part 2

The Global Talent Search showcase is back due to popular demand!  Today we have Round two of The Global Talent Search hosted by Lilla Rogers studio If you missed Round 1 here it is here. These are just a small sampling of the 1500 entries, but all of these  vintage, playground inspired, journal covers inspire me! They motivate me to try new techniques,play with different mediums and experiment. I think Lilla hit the nail on the head when she suggested this theme . It really gives artists a great way to play and experiment. I have included the artist name below each piece and a link to their blog post about The Global Talent Search.

ju;ie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog

Simi Gauba of Simi Designs julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Tracy Bixby julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Lisa Firke julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Laurie Baars julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Heather Dutton of Hang Tight studio julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Ine Beerten julie hamilton designs Catriona Robyn julie hamilton designs  {artistically afflicted }blog Julie Ansbro of Acadreamia design julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog Gabriella Buckingham julie hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted} blog Tammie Bennett julie hamilton on {artistically afflicted} blog Pavinee julie Hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted} blog Jill Howard julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog Jennifer Orkin Lewis julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted} blog May Leong Pretty impressive isnt it? I have mentioned it many times and here I go again, but I am amazed at the quality and the variety ~ so many different interpretations of one theme! Tomorrow is the big day!  Lilla Rogers and her team will reveal the top 50 who will move onto the second round. Fingers and toes crossed- I am hoping to know more than a few of those who make it. Making it into the top 50 is a huge achievement in itself when chosen out of 1500 entrants! Best of luck to everyone who entered! I will keep you posted on how it all rolls out.
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Inspired by the global search for talent!

Lilla Rogers is all the rage in my surface design world right now. She has just recently launched her first ever e-course, Make Art that Sells, with Beth Nicholls of Do What you Love and it was a roaring success. Now the two of them have collaborated to host a Global Talent Search.The reward for the winner- a 2 year signed contract with Lilla Rogers Studio. That, my friends, is kind of like winning the lottery in my world.These are two very clever women! I am still unsure of how many entrants they received for the search, but my guess is over 700. There are many out there just dying for a shot to be represented by Lilla. Yes, I am one of them... It's funny because when I signed up for her course I didn't realize I would automatically be entered into the talent search. I am not sure I would have participated  considering I am in the throes of summer vacation with kids. But, after 5 awesome weeks with Lilla and Make Art that Sells I was excited to keep the momentum going and was thrilled to have another mini brief to design around. The brief for the global talent search - vintage inspired playground. I wont lie-my initial thought was ..ugh.. Once again though, Lilla pushed me creatively to create a piece around a theme I had never even considered. Now, I have a whole bunch of playground inspired motifs to play around with for patterns and upcoming art. My mind at work in the inspiration stage... Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted} blog The finished project! I am quite pleased with it.I stepped outside my boundaries, used lots of different medium and even tried some new colors. Julie Hamilton Designs-{artistically afflicted} blog I thought it would be fun to give you a little sneak peek at some other playground inspired journals for the Global Talent Search. The top 50 get chosen and published August 1st, but that's just a bit to far away.I love seeing all the different styles and interpretations. I have included the artist name below each piece and a link to their blogpost about The Global Talent Search (or in some instances just their blog...lots are taking a breather this week!) Mary Tanana on {artistically afflicted} blog Mary Tanana Deborah velasquez on {artistically afflicted} blog Deborah Velasquez Sharon Minchuk - {artistically afflicted} blog Sharon Minchuk Doris and Fred - {artistically afflicted} blog Wendy Flynn of Doris and Fred Rosie Martinez Dekker - {artistically afflicted} blog Rosie Martinez-Dekker Claire Lordon {artistically afflicted} blog Claire Lordon Laura Escalante on {artistically afflicted} blog Laura Escalante Anneline Sophia - {artistically afflicted} blog Anneline Sophia Cat Athena Louise - {artistically afflicted} blogCat Athena Louise Miki berman on {artistically afflicted} blog Miki Berman Rachel Place on {artistically afflicted} blog Rachel Place Maike Thomas on {artistically afflicted} blogMaike ThomaTina Devins on {artistically afflicted} blog Tina Devins Isn't it amazing to see all the different interpretations and styles?I love all the different medium used from chalk to embroidery. Lots of look at! Best of luck to everyone who entered! I will keep you posted on how it all rolls out. It should be very interesting!
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Learning from Lilla Rogers - Part 2

I am sad to say that my time with Lilla and my new community of friends in Make art that Sells has come to an end ~ at least for the time being.Part B starts in October and I am signed up and ready to go.I have an idea of what to expect this time around and plan to be fully prepared. The next couple of months will be a well needed break as I have quite a few ideas on how to change and improve things around here. [caption id="attachment_4710" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog Creating moodboards to inspire[/caption] I  have to admit that I am always a little sad at the end of any course. I find it very motivating to get into a schedule of creating and I have discovered that I love creating to a brief. I find that my best work is produced when I explore a theme.I love all the ideas and fresh outlook that it creates. [caption id="attachment_4711" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog Mixed media-paint, paper,ink and some sewing too![/caption] My time with Lilla has taught me to approach my art with a new sense of wild abandon.Well, not too wild, but full! She had us explore many different mediums and I found that a lot of my learning was actually applied  to the creation of my artwork~ experimenting and trying new things. I am definitely going to try to incorporate lots of new techniques into my work and I may even sit down and finally conquer photoshop.  My hope is to find a way to incorporate my traditional and digital worlds. Most of my favorite pieces from other students in the course were those that had a combination of techniques. I truly believe that skill in both is necessary to market yourself. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog I thought I would share some of my learnings from Lilla~ a few that I have tucked away and use when creating to remind me to step it up! Learnings from Lilla: 10,000 hours - yes, it is true. It will take many hours of (free) time and devotion to perfect your craft. You have to have a lot of patience and perserverance.Create everyday. Every mark is a learning experience. Keep exploring- try new things.Experiment with new techniques and different mediums.Every mark is a teaching experience. Keep an art journal. Delight your audience. There are in house artists that can make polka dot patterns-your art needs to surprise and delight your audience. Discover your passion~ what gets you excited? I know that marks, texture and color get me going.I love layers too.Discover your passion and work it. Go the extra distance.Think about how to make your art just that little bit different from everyone else. Think about how you would like to present it to the world. Contrast~your work has to stand out in a thumbnail.Use color, contrast and texture to make it pop. Don't compare - easier said than done. I was amazed at the talent in our community. Blown away may be a better way to describe my reaction to the completed assignments. Lilla constantly stresses that you are on your own journey and your style will find it's time and place.Stick with your style - work your style. There is a place in the market for everyone. [caption id="attachment_4712" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog Mixed Media-paper, pen,paint[/caption] Stick with a theme. Have a focal point. Use different mediums to get your point across. Work your composition. Use wonderful, fresh color! [caption id="attachment_4715" align="aligncenter" width="550"]julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog Hyper-lush zipper pouches. My favorite assignment.[/caption] The list goes on and while many lessons are those that you have heard before, it is nice to be have them presented in a new light and with examples. I have mentioned this before, but Lilla really opened my eyes to many new possibilities of what I can do with my art..and she provided lots of examples. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog I have so much more to share, but I think it's time for you to consider this course for yourself. I know I was a tad skeptical going in, but I can safely say that it is time and money very well spent!You wont be disappointed. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at For more info - Make Art that Sells For Part 1 of Learning from Lilla see here! I am participating in Lilla's Global Talent Search. I will give you a sneak peek next week!
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