My first podcast - Creative insights from Creative people

Excited to announce that I am Live on Kara Gott Warners Morning Cool Down Show episode 75. Creative insights from creative people. I spoke about my journey so far in the world of art licensing and surface pattern design. If you follow along here you will know it has been a long, but very enjoyable ride. Todays show is 45 min. long so grab a coffee and please have a listen. There is even a bit of show and tell. [youtube] It is good! I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. I wasn't worried about Kara - she is all voice. She is loud and clear and interesting! I was just a wee bit worried about my performance. Would I hum and huh? Would I laugh too much? Would I provide too much or too little... Big worries as you can see! I am very happy to announce it all went well. Direct link to Karas website which is full of interesting creative podcasts from all types. Great to listen to while creating away because it never hurts to get inspired by others tips and tricks. My podcast (show notes) Morning cool Down Podcasts  Thanks! Another beautiful weekend is in the forecast. Hope you enjoy it!
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A World of Artist Journal Pages

Getting my crazies out! That is pretty much how I roll when it comes to my black and white journal pages. Julie Hamilton Designs ~ Doodle Journal Pages {artistically afflicted blog}

No worry about colour. No thoughts on composition. Not a care in the world how they turn out. Quite a bit different from my coloured pages where I just can't help but wish for a good outcome. I am very happy to say that someone else also liked my craziness. A World of Artist Journal Pages Three of my black and white pages have been included in  A World of Art Journal Pages curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol. It is pretty cool to be included especially since I remember my  purchase of her first book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, very well. It was at Anthropologie in Seattle. I had stood glued to the spot with it for almost an hour. I had never heard of art journalling at the time and I was just in awe of everything in the book. It was definitely an A'ha moment. Well, this one is no different, except this time I am in it! Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

I am including my pages today. I like to think of it as a little art therapy for my artistically afflicted ways. If I had have known they would be published I might not have revealed so much or been quite as messy, but then I guess that's the beauty of it. Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

One more inspired by rainy day camping in the Pacific Northwest. I was actually sitting outside in the rain under a tarp freezing while this one was created....just trying to make myself happy. Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

I was hoping to include my favourite pages here, but there are so many great pages. The book is full of a variety of hand lettering, different textures and colours, paint, collage, mixed media and an endless stream of hand drawn goodness. If you are thinking of getting involved in the art journal world then this is a really good place to start. It is full of inspiration. I love glancing through it again and again because  I find there is always something I have missed the first, second, third... time around. There is an extra bonus too - all  of  the artists websites are published right beside their work so if there is something you fancy and you want a bit more, you don't have to look far. A big Thank you to Dawn DeVries Sokol. What a wonderful piece of work you have curated and shared with the world. Well done!

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Happy Earth Day!

The birds and the bees,  the water and the trees, flowers, rocks, mountains.....whats not to love? It inspires me daily. Happy Earth Day! PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Some paper-cut art patterns in honour. PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Enjoy the rest of your week!
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Tropical Inspiration for you from the Big Island

Very happy to be on the Big island of Hawaii again and very happy to report that life is still better at the beach. Heart Coral - {artistically afflicted blog } It's still 83F, sunny with cloudy periods,possible showers, an earthquake or two and the possibility of a tsunami. The lava is still flowing but, last I read, all is well. With 8 different ecosystems, mother nature is always up to something here! For us, as a family, it is time to recharge and get inspired after the winter season in the mountains. Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog }I love discovering new shapes, colours and textures over here. The flora and fauna is so unique and special to the Big Island.I am amazed to still be discovering new buds,seeds and pods after all of my years visiting here. Always thankful for my big straw hat that spends more time carrying my finds,than on my head. I find it hard to go for a walk or run without picking something up.Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } Some tropical foliage for your drawing inspiration. Tropical is trending right now. Pineapples, flamingos and large-scale tropical leaves are everywhere. Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } I have a love on for large tropical leaves. I love any kind of leaf, seed or pod but the more unusual and the bigger, the better. Sharing some of my favs with you all the way from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } Tropical Floral - Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} Tropical Foliage ~ Julie Hamilton Designs  {artistically afflicted blog} Beach time sketching.. Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } ONE of these things I will not be using for drawing inspiration. Centipedes, ants and the occasional flying cockroach seem to go hand in hand with the tropics. Tropical Foliage - {artistically afflicted blog } Sending some Aloha your way!
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Trending - Pretty in pastels

Pastel colors  - Baby blue, taffy pink, frosty mint or maybe some lemon ice. I love their names, but pastel colors are just not on my go-to color list. They are trending though and I have had 2 briefs now calling out for Pastels and Pop so it's definitely time to have a go at them. I have to admit that after day of playing around with them, I may have a new-found love. colored pencils. pastels, photograph Soft, milky, washed out colors bring images of candy store treats or carnivals to mind. Unfortunately, I have none of these in my repertoire of motifs  so  I had to play around with what I already had. pastel colors, art, photograph, blog Paint chips are a great source of hands on pastel colour inspiration, as are my pantone coloured pencils. flowers, doodle, illustration, pastels Pastel floral doodles - pretty fun with a nice vintage feel. I believe we once had a picnic table cover just like that packed away in the back of our station wagon for impromptu stops along the road. I also seem to remember a dress with a similar print. pastel houses, illustration, house, drawing I would be very happy living in a village of pastel coloured houses. I should have made this with canals and it could have been Murano Island. One thing I have discovered about these colors is that it is hard to make them pop. I originally had this on a white background, but it wasn't really adding anything to the print. A darker, cobble stone background helped out, but I am definitely going to have to continue working on this one. There is just something about the negative space that is throwing me off. trend report, photograph Have you checked out Emily Kiddys trend boards? I was happy to see this one come out while I had pastels on my mind. You can also pop over to her Pinterest account  for more trend reports and visual eye candy here   I love her trend boards and her blog in general. It is full of useful information, pretty graphics and lots of  inspiration. This board alone has already given me a few other ideas to try. Watch out for it! So does this mean that pastel coloured jeans are coming back 2016?
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