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Inspired by ...a little spontaneous expression

For Illustration Friday Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday on the Illustration Friday site. Then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. Anyone is free to join, regardless of skill or experience - just draw!! This weeks challenge ~ Puzzled.
The capacity to be puzzled is the premise of all creation, be it in art or in science ~ Erich Fromm
Playing with a bit of spontaneous expression for this challenge. A bit of spontaneous mark-making, mindless scribbling if you will, with ink on paper. Lets see what happens... Add more marks, obliterate others (its only paint!) discover shapes, follow your intuition..explore. intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making Add some color.. A color paint chip that has been pegged up on my inspiration board for some time now. Colors I would not usually use, but am intrigued by. Recipe ~ alizarian crimson, yellow oxide, carbon black, titan buff and titanium white. (ok...I know there is no yellow in the chip, but I just happen to have some slowly drying out on my palette so thought.. waste not..why not?) intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making, paintchip A little spontaneous expression for you! intuitive painting, creative everyday, ink,paper, mark making I can imagine you may be a bit puzzled as to how this all fits into the topic "puzzled" Well, for me, this whole idea of spontaneous drawing ~ intuitive painting ~ is really just a matter of putting together the pieces of a puzzle. You have your marks, your shapes and your colors. Play with them ~ Move your paper around, discover shapes, add more marks  take away (paint over!) those that are not working. Follow your intuition. It either fits or is doesn't! A perfect quick and dirty art journal exercise. Challenge yourself with new colors and  new marks. Be free and most importantly be prepared to possibly discover something new and fantastic! I am off to find more info on this topic so that I can expand on this topic at a later date. If you have any interesting links on intuitive painting, expressive drawing, spontanous expression...I would love to have a read. This intuitive road to creation definitely intrigues me! Until next week...
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Inspired by...pulling the plug

I am definitely on island time now... I know its Monday, but catch myself wondering if it's not Tuesday and where did Sunday go? The days start early here and are very long and very full. Big Island, Kua Bay, lava rock My goal during this trip was to disconnect ( from the computer that is...)...and as you can see that goal has now been changed to an attempt to try and disconnect. It is very hard indeed. Call me a creature of habit, but my week "disconnecting" has been a mixture of relief ...and anxiety. I catch myself thinking "oh I should blog about that...someone would find that interesting" I have had to stop myself many times.There is just so much to share though! Big Island, Kua Bay, lava rock I am full of mixed emotions ~ good and bad. The bad ~ I have a serious case of FOMO. For those not in the know...FOMO is a serious ailment known as Fear Of Missing Out.. I have had this all my life. I am familiar with it and have become quite good at handling it but I know there is lots going on in the online communities that I have become a part of. I know they are all up to good stuff ~ sharing, asking questions,offering tips..I want to be part of the action.I want to see everyones work, hear their comments, make my own comments and present.It causes me a wee bit of anxiety to think about all the fun I am missing out on. The good ~ it really is true what they say about disconnecting and creating. I have had oodles of creative time. None of it has been a struggle. I am relaxed, focused and present.. here in the real world. It's a very good feeling..the ideas are flowing freely. No need to worry about me...I think I will be just fine:) Back to reality... Louise Gales creative color challenge for March was tranquil blues. It's always fun to see how others use color...and the medium they choose to use. Here is a piece I have been working on. This started out in my typical, intuitive painting kind of way.... abstract, acrylic painting, intuitive abstract, acrylic painting, intuitive abstract, acrylic painting, intuitive Missing a few photos from below, but I think you get the idea now.. wayerlily, art,intuitive painting This baby is now resting. I have lost all patience with it and when this feeling overcomes me ~it is time to face the canvas to the wall and  allow it to recuperate. Personally I would like to see this piece have a bit more softness, maybe a misty-like feel to it. It is not making me feel very tranquil. Funny, but when I think of the word tranquil I always imagine soft, misty pastels. Anyhoo, I do like the top portion with the vertical lines and wondering if I should possibly make the reeds on the right hand bottom of the canvas similar? All suggestions welcome! A great term I heard recently from Robert Genn  was that of strategic patience.
"Strategic patience" ~ It's the strategy of letting time take care of at least part of the process. It precludes running off willy-nilly in a knee-jerk reaction--a reaction that often does more harm than good. Half-finished paintings left deserted and grumbling in studio corners are often busy mending themselves. Pulled into the light, they re-boot the artist's neural pathways. Solutions are often clearer, easier and less painful than originally thought. "All things come round to him who will but wait." (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
Robert puts out a twice weekly newsletter smack full of interesting artsy tidbits of info. Have a look... It is well worth subscribing to. And just because I am very thrifty with my paint, I have been keeping journal pages beside me to wipe all of my leftover paint on. These are the result. art journal, mark making, intuitive painting art journal, mark making, intuitive painting Well, my friends, there you have it~ March creative color challenge complete! My time with blue and green paint also done. Time to move on to some bright and sunny spring colors. Towards the end of the week I will be back to share all of the beautiful flora and fauna found here on the Big Island. I have spent hours, camera in hand, admiring. Until then, I hope everyone is well and happily creating. Dont hesitate to email me directly if you have anything good and juicy to share...wouldn't want to miss out!
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Inspired by.. a better, brave, intuitive me!

So sad. My time with Flora Bowley is over...but only for the time being... Flora Bowley, Bloom True, intuitive acrylic painting, I am 8 canvas into this brave, intuitive way of creating.. Some almost finished, some on their way to completion, one..or maybe two,  waiting to be totally transformed. I am in awe at how much my painting technique, and  dare I say.. style, has transformed over the past 4 months since my first meeting with her. I can honestly say that I believe this has become my way of creating. Simply...its a process that I love. It has offered me a whole new shiny perspective on how and why to create. I was in amazement after my first weekend course with her last November at the Annex. Now 3 months later, having just completed her Bloom True ecourse,  I am even more grateful and still very awe-struck. I believe our paths will cross yet again. My time with her is not finished... there is still so much to be learned. To date.. I have learned to be open to suggestion. To let loose. To have patience and let my painting develop. It takes time to build to build a village... intuitive painting,Bloom true I have learned to embrace color  and use it with wild abandon. The option to tone it down later is always there. Acrylic paint is flexible! I have learned volumes about color mixing by just playing with no worry about the outcome. Brave intuitive you, Flora Bowley, intuitive painting, mark making I have learned a multitude of new marks and brush strokes.  I have become quite ingenious at coming up with  new devices for mark making...oh, the things that are now covered in paint. I have also been very open to using lots of different medium from alcohol ink to paper to thread to achieve different marks. Brave intuitive you, Flora Bowley, intuitive painting, mark making I have learned the importance of depth, transparency, value and contrast. Now I am learning how to put them into play. There has been a lot of learning go on around here for the past 4 months! Trust me when I say there have also been many moments of  tears and  frustration. What would a creative journey be without a mixture of tears and triumph!? I have been hesitant to blog too much about Flora's process. Mainly because I believe it is so much more than just painting. It is a way of thinking. A way of approaching your blank canvas with loads of possibility. It is a way of  discovery and most important self-awareness. I still have a little chuckle when I look at all of my work. All I really want to do is produce just one piece of "Floresque" style painting. Just one... But, try as I might I have been unable to pull it off. Flora has so much skill, intuition and, most importantly, love for what she creates. It comes very naturally to her.( I can't tell you how many underpaintings I would have happily purchased...just to watch her paint over them in a completely new direction..) An aside here...I am not for "copying", but I do believe there is alot to be learned by trying to copy. I have studied how she combines color~how she makes her imagery pop ~how she creates so much depth.These are all lessons to be learned by observing and trying. Unfortunately..or fortunately, the beauty of this style of painting is that you kind of get lost in the process. So while I am still striving to create at least one piece in her style I am willing to bet I will never be able to achieve it. I don't have that much focus!! I have, therefore, asked my husband to just please , pretty please, buy me just one of her paintings. Fingers crossed! In closing all I have to say is ~  Flora, you have rocked my creative world. Your work, your teachings and your words of wisdom have all made me a better artist . Thank you! A special thank you also goes out to Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love. Floras partner in the creation of this online course. Another special woman who is rocking the creative world. You have to check out her About page. I love it! If anyone has any questions about either Floras on-line or in-person painting courses please do not hesitate to email me. I have lots to say and love to talk about it! Or you can just click here for all information..Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog} Until we meet again....
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Inspired by...creative cat-napping

[caption id="attachment_2050" align="aligncenter" width="835" caption="everything always looks a wee bit better framed..."]big huge labs, mixed media, collage[/caption] Taking a little break from intuitive painting. It is definitely my new found love, but one that deserves quick spurts of creative and mental energy. If I spend too long sitting and thinking and trying to see, I find myself getting a wee bit grumpy and frustrated. I am not a patient person when it comes to creating. I like to work and get it done. Unfortunately, I lose my passion for the creation as time progresses. I then find myself staring longingly at the new blank canvas waiting...patiently.. for its turn. The other day I had to physically lie down and take a nap. My canvas was leaning up against the wall. Half dozed and fully relaxed I found myself just looking at it, eyes half closed. I was amazed at all the different scenes I saw transforming before my very eyes. Could this be the secret? Afternoon cat naps?! I am thinking that they are definitely a thing of my future. I would suggest to all...try it! Instead of throwing up your arms in despair.Take a break. Relax and close your eyes. Let it evolve. When you approach your painting from a clearer, more laid back perspective, great things happen.. My husband is going to love that I am now promoting afternoon cat naps... Painting does not come easy to me. I struggle with it which is exactly what intrigues me the most about it. I love a challenge and for me, right now, this is it. Slowly I have learned that I do need to step away..and take a deep breath or two ( or a nap now!) mix media, collage, art journal So what's a girl to do for a little mindless, creative fix?? mix media, collage, handmade papers I play with paper.  I cut, I glue, I sew. Sibella Court, mix media, collage, inspiration I find inspiration in books and magazines. I find layouts and colors that intrigue me. I go through my paper stash and put things together. collage, mix media, It's very relaxing  and doesn't require as much brain power as painting. No worries here about how to mix the perfect shade of purple or create a beautiful distressed back ground.. Just find the piece of paper that best resembles what you are after. Rip and glue.... mix media, collage There are so many beautiful handmade papers out there.(Dont forget to check out your local paint and paper store too.. have a little read here to find out where most of the paper for these collages came from!) A great start to the week. Hoping it's great for you too...
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Inspired by....some more intuitive painting with Flora

I am three weeks in to Flora Bowleys ecourse....Bloom True. Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride....but one that I am loving! I laughed out loud when I heard Flora use that exact term to describe the process. At least now I know I am on the right path! The typical painting goes something like this...
Oh, so much fun. Spreading paint with wild abandon.I could do this forever...this is what I love.Spray, splatter,swipe. Loving the cool colors and textures I am creating. Oh and I never knew how to make that color!! Wow, looking good.. Oh oh, now that's just plain ugly. How did it just go from great to bad? Shouldnt have done that. Paint over. Damn, just painted over a part  I really like. You want me to add black and white..oh ok..well now its just really ugly. Wheres the gesso. No, dont touch it...let it grow,trust your instincts....
Its madness. I have caught myself talking out loud.. more than once. Sorry, I mean talking to the dog. I love it...I hate it.. I  have had moments of feeling like a superstar...the next Rothko. I have had moments when I have questioned this style of working.I have had to leave the house more than once to just walk and clear my head.  My husband is very thankful he is away traveling. Well here you have my a possible finished product. flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting Stop shaking your head....I know...poppies again... comfort zone. I saw more than one parrot lurking around in there. flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting flora bowley, Bloom true, ecourse,acrylic, intuitive painting Not signed there is still lots of time for changes! I have to be honest,  this style of intuitive painting is right up my alley. I have comittment issues  at the best of times and the beauty of this style is that it can go any new direction at any time. Makes me feel so free... I do shake my head a bit at another poppy painting. But, there is a rhyme and reason to it all. I am trying to explore themes and different ways of presenting the same thing. Things that I love...things that inspire me. I have never painted just pods so that's a little different. I would be curious as to which stage of the painting you liked best. I know I was in love around Layer 4-5 and when I first started adding the images. I am finding that with most of my paintings I am loving the middle section of the process vs the final product. I believe there is a lesson to be learned here. I need to stop then...maybe go a little abstract and keep it loose. I find I am loosing all of the wonderful marks in my journey back into my comfort zone...texture. Constantly learning.... It feels good and while I do get a wee bit frustrated, it is nice to know I am making progress! Thank you for all of your comments as I stumble through this process. At times I still cannot believe I am putting it out there, but I really do love and appreciate the community that I have become a part much fun! Have a great weekend! Do you want to be part of this crazy, creative process with Flora Bowley? It is really quite fun! For more info on her course click here.Flora Bowley  {artistically afflicted blog}
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