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A World of Artist Journal Pages

Getting my crazies out! That is pretty much how I roll when it comes to my black and white journal pages. Julie Hamilton Designs ~ Doodle Journal Pages {artistically afflicted blog}

No worry about colour. No thoughts on composition. Not a care in the world how they turn out. Quite a bit different from my coloured pages where I just can't help but wish for a good outcome. I am very happy to say that someone else also liked my craziness. A World of Artist Journal Pages Three of my black and white pages have been included in  A World of Art Journal Pages curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol. It is pretty cool to be included especially since I remember my  purchase of her first book, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, very well. It was at Anthropologie in Seattle. I had stood glued to the spot with it for almost an hour. I had never heard of art journalling at the time and I was just in awe of everything in the book. It was definitely an A'ha moment. Well, this one is no different, except this time I am in it! Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

I am including my pages today. I like to think of it as a little art therapy for my artistically afflicted ways. If I had have known they would be published I might not have revealed so much or been quite as messy, but then I guess that's the beauty of it. Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

One more inspired by rainy day camping in the Pacific Northwest. I was actually sitting outside in the rain under a tarp freezing while this one was created....just trying to make myself happy. Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} -journal pages in A World of Art Journal Pages, curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol

I was hoping to include my favourite pages here, but there are so many great pages. The book is full of a variety of hand lettering, different textures and colours, paint, collage, mixed media and an endless stream of hand drawn goodness. If you are thinking of getting involved in the art journal world then this is a really good place to start. It is full of inspiration. I love glancing through it again and again because  I find there is always something I have missed the first, second, third... time around. There is an extra bonus too - all  of  the artists websites are published right beside their work so if there is something you fancy and you want a bit more, you don't have to look far. A big Thank you to Dawn DeVries Sokol. What a wonderful piece of work you have curated and shared with the world. Well done!

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A bit of hit and miss in the art journal

All of my unfinished artwork makes me a tad anxious. Half painted canvas leaning up against the wall, unfinished patterns on my desktop, art journal pages only half coloured in. All of these things make me a bit squeamish inside. I feel that everything deserves a fighting chance. Slowly, I am learning that they do not. Sometimes you just have to walk away.. For example - this page is not going to be finished. Why? Because I am done with these flower shapes. I need some new shapes. Art Journal Page - always a  work in progress - {artistically afflicted blog}  Julie Hamilton If I gave all of my ideas a fighting chance nothing would be completed around here. I need to decide pretty quickly if it's a yay or a nay. I only have so much time to create. Slowly I am learning to use my time wisely and accept that not all ideas are good ideas. The pages below are new pages I have been working on. I like them, but they are not quite where I want them to be...yet. They deserve a fighting chance though because I am learning from them and new ideas are percolating because of them. Also, I am having fun with these. Fun - usually a good sign that things are going somewhere. I hope this makes sense? Art Journal Page - always a  work in progress - {artistically afflicted blog}  Julie Hamilton Lots of different colour combinations, different medium, marks and texture, layering....learning a lot from my time with these. Art Journal Page - always a work in progress - {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton Ok, a bit of  mixed media craziness may have been going on here, but trust me, I learned a ton from this one! Art Journal Page - always a work in progress - {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton Enjoy the weekend!
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Everything I know I learned from my Art Journal

I have been somewhat successful this past week training my creativity to switch on at night. It hasn't been easy, but I find that once I start it usually leads somewhere. Starting is the hardest part. Being a bit of a morning person, my muse always has me getting up very early so it has been a nice change trying to switch things up and work at night . I figure it can go either way - I either stay up late fully immersed in my project or I get up super early, excited to get at it. Either way I am losing sleep. Art Journal time - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} I started Lisa Congdons Sketchbook Explorations on Creative Bug. It was fast, fun and informative.. It is a 4 part program, but easily finished in an evening (especially if you have Netflix TV series training;). Lisa explored lots of different ways to just start and get something down on your page.I loved the way she used lots of different mediums layered together - water-colour, markers and collage work. I also found it encouraging to watch how she incorporated her journal piece into a piece of wall art. I have included my pages even though they are not really finished and they are rather random.Right from lesson one, inspiration struck and I had to run with it. I have a tendency to go off track when creating and I did just that, rather well I might pages look nothing like the course pages! Art Journal time - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Lots of ideas were springing to mind and I managed to try a little bit of everything. I believe that is the beauty of art journalling -  if you tire of one page, start another, I have found myself flitting from one page to another nightly adding marks and colours as I go. At this rate I may never actually finish a page! Art Journal time - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}I have been  very happy to re-discover my Prismacolor markers and coloured pencils. It is so nice to curl up on the couch and have some colour so easily accessible. No water and no dirty brushes. I will be using them all in my art journal from here on in..   Art Journal time - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} My main goal for this experience is to gain some new ideas and hopefully a bit of  insight into some new colour combinations. I am also interested in combining a few different mediums that I will then be able to transfer over into my mixed media work. One thing is for sure and that is...Everything I know, I have learned from my art journal... Next week I am going to try Dawn Devries Sokols art journal class on Creative Bug. I also have my eye on Yao Chengs water-colour class. There are so many interesting classes there so be sure to take a look. Also on the learning front I am slowly finishing up Pattern Observers Photoshop for Designers  6 week course. Wow! That is the only word that  can sum it all up. Sherry London has poured her heart and soul into this one. It is full of information. Look out for more info here soon. Well, there you have it! I was in need of something new  to inspire me, to jump start a new project. Happy to say that I found it and have a new series in the works. The internet has no shortage of awesome classes and inspiring ideas and techniques to try. Never stop learning:)
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Tangled Weave - the start of a mini collage collection

The long, lazy days of summer are here. Hours to laze around and work on my art ~ Paint outdoors, sketch by the lake and maybe try some new techniques. Now that's some Wishful thinking on my part... [caption id="attachment_5594" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} making collage papers[/caption] You would think I would be getting lots done over here, but truth be told I am accomplishing little. It is sweltering hot, the lake is calling,the dog needs to be watered, the kids need to get to camp and work and all the visitors need to be tended too. Do I dare say I have having a lot of fun despite the compelling urge to sit down and work at my art? [caption id="attachment_5595" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} intuitive collage - working with what is presented[/caption] I have just recently finished Mati Roses Daring Adventures in Collage.  It really helped inspire me to start working with mixed media again. I just love the combination of paper,paint and ink. There is something about it that makes my heart pitter patter. I love all the texture and pattern, with a little this and that peeking through. I love getting my hands dirty. I am not sure which is more fun - making handmade collage papers or creating the actual collage itself? julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} I have approached this round of work a bit differently than before. I am now working on paper -Borden & Riley sketch vellum - which is a heavyweight, rather indestructible, paper for mix media. This allows me to cut, paint, spray and stamp to my heart's content without stressing over another unfinished canvas. It's only paper and can either be recycled or cut up for another collage project. If I like it then it is easily affixed onto a wood cradled panel.   [caption id="attachment_5568" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} collage - lots of layered paper. Adding paint next![/caption] This time around I am also working small. Very small for me. All pieces are 8 by 8". I decided to go this route because I find them easy to complete in a day and easy to have many on the go at once. julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} I have a plan for all of these pieces, but that will be unveiled later.I am not trying to be secretive, just deciding what the best route is for these. A plan is in the makin'.. What I do know about these is that they are a part of my everyday creative life. They keep me playing and trying new techniques which only help spark my imagination and creativity. I am hoping to be back here soon, but not making any promises. I am just a passenger on this free wheelin' ride called summer. (even I am rolling my eyes at that one ;) Enjoy every moment of yours!
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Inspired by...a work in progress

I may have a wee bit too much time on my hands today. To give you a little insight into my day...the theme, header and background have been changing hourly over here on my blog. I have a bit of spring fever...I want fresh, clean, colorful...NEW! I want something a little more current and in keeping with what I am up to these days. Well that definitely opened a can of worms so to speak...Now I want to customize the entire site! I want  artsy,hand sketched social icons(my own!) some new, bigger, fonts, a gallery..or two, maybe a static page...I want my very own site. I have the domain "artistically afflicted" and I am itching to use it. So hold on and watch for changes coming this way....My techie brother is on speed dial these days. With all of my newfound digital skills,there is lots of fun (and hairpulling) to be had.My blog reconstruction sign =1hr. When I actually figured out how to do it, it only took me about 5 minutes.But, that's how things roll when you are learning.Right now I am tabs deep trying to figure out how to make my very own badge.It may take me a day or two, but you know what? Secretly...I love this stuff...I will take a an Illustrator tutorial over T.V anyday... Another little nugget of wisdom from artist Robert Genn that arrived in my inbox tonight.I always find his words very timely...
We are drawn to our labour of love because it fills our cups like no other nourishment. The making of art is a private puzzle and working out the puzzle is beguiling. Let the folks who don't love their work look forward to their retirement from it. We creative folks have a different mind-set. "Work cures everything," said Henri Matisse. "I need to work to feel well," said Edouard Manet. "Work is more fun than fun," said Noel Coward. "Work is the ultimate seduction," said Pablo Picasso. "I work day and night without sleep," said Jules Olitski, "The paintings keep me fired up."
I am also questioning content.I havent had the mojo to write these days.I blame it on too much computer time. Up until now I have been writing about my creative journey and sharing my discoveries with all medium. It's easy to snap pictures of art and discuss happy accidents, cool textures and great color combinations. Unfortunately, most of my work these days has been Adobe related while I learn the ins and outs of the digital world. Not as much fun to share the process.I guess I could take screen shots, but not as captivating as beautiful, messy,paint dripping down a canvas....mingling. My painting days are by no means over, but they are on hold until I get my head around this flow of work.So please bear with me, I promise you I will be throwing paint around in no time. I would like to share how I am trying to marry the two... A journal page... journal page,acrylic painting,art, collage I scanned and photoshopped the dragonflys out.I ripped up a perfectly good dictionary and made a collage out of it. Scanned it and added it to the background. The swirly background? Hand stitched. (Thank you dad..your sewing machine will be home soon.)I may have to work on the stitching. I know I can do it digitally, but it's just not the same. art, surface pattern design, collage Its getting there...every exercise is a lesson learned. surface pattern design,collage, acrylic paint,mixed media Typical of my process, I am trying to explore all avenues. Trust me, you will be seeing these dragonflys pop up in all my work! This post has already been way too long, but I had to stop there for a brief moment and think about "my process"...I wont write about it now, but its interesting to me how I have developed a way of working. Thats a conversation to be had over a cup of coffee or two... Have a fantastic warm and sunny weekend! Here in the mountains, it is still cold and damp and calling for snow!! Summer will arrive here with a bang as it always does...hopefully sooner, than later.(my plants and flowers are sitting in the garage patiently waiting)
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