Happy Earth Day!

The birds and the bees,  the water and the trees, flowers, rocks, mountains.....whats not to love? It inspires me daily. Happy Earth Day! PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Some paper-cut art patterns in honour. PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Enjoy the rest of your week!
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Finding Inspiration in Tropical Flora and Foliage

Sharing some inspiration from the Big Island of Hawaii. I love the assault of my senses here. The colours and shapes are bright and bold. The temperature and trade winds are gentle on the skin.The saltwater invigorating. And there really is nothing like getting pummelled by the Pacific to really feel alive Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage   I love sitting here listening to the sounds of seaside living. Lots of birds, crashing waves, the clatter of geckos and the early morning return of the fishing boats back to the bay. There are no boundaries between outside and in. It's a bit like living in a treehouse Everything is just so different from my usual back home in Whistler. I think that is what I love most about it here. Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage I can't resist the urge to pick up almost everything on my morning runs here. It makes for a bit of a run/ walk, but is always well worth it. This is generally how my hat returns home.. Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage I often entertain the thought of moving here one day. It's a topic of conversation that comes up often when we are here. It's hard to say whether it would lose some of its magic. Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage For now I will continue to be a dreamer, taking pictures of all that inspires me here. I know it won't be long until our next visit. Big Island finds ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} #florafoliage I was thrilled to wake up this morning and discover on Instagram that Michelle Osorio had also been inspired by my #florafoliage series posted there. (you can see them here) Look at her beautiful, delicate water-colour. I have to say it made my day!  You can find Michelle here on Instagram   Michelle Osorio WaterColour on the {artistically afflicted blog} I am going to milk out this tropical feeling for as long as possible - pineapples are up next week! Aloha
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Seed and Pod Inspiration

Looking for a little seed and pod inspiration? I have some for you! These are courtesy of the Big Island of Hawaii. artistically afflicted/julie hamilton designs Interesting shapes and shapes within shapes. Great texture. Lovely ,earthy colors. I wish I knew the names of some of these as I am very intrigued by them and curious to know more. artistically afflicted/julie hamilton designs For more seed and pod inspiration you can visit Pinterest. I have started a board Inspired by Nature where I pin my images of objects found, in real life and in my virtual one too.Lots to see there! artistically afflicted/julie hamilton designs Sketching ~ my take on seeds and pods. I have my most fun drawing objects found in nature. I love playing with organic shapes and adding in my own textures. I have no patterns made with these to date, but they have found their way into alot of my paintings and collage work. artistically afflicted/julie hamilton designs I look forward to seeing what you come up with! If you would like to share, post to #shareyoursketch on Instagram. I am heading off to NYC to walk Surtex this weekend. I still can't believe I am going. I have been hearing about this show for the past year and am super curious as to what it is all about. I get the added bonus of a trip to NYC and the chance to meet up with lots of art and design friends that I have met over the years.Will keep you posted on my adventures there! Have a great weekend!
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Finding inspiration in the spirit of aloha

julie hamilton designs Very happy to be spending time in one of my favorite places, the Big Island of Hawaii.The moment my feet hit the ground here I feel a sense of coming home. artistically afflicted blog Lush tropical flora and fauna,dark streaks of lava rock, sun, sand, a warm breeze and the neverending sound of birds and crashing waves all come together to feed  the senses and the soul. The Big Island is charged with tradition and culture that reaches deep. This island holds a very special place in our hearts. artistically afflicted blog I always love to do a post or two from Hawaii. Its a lovely place to share. Lots of inspiration and color. Mother nature also has a very good sense of humour here. The shapes, color and texture of the flora and fauna are so unusual.I am constantly in awe of some of the crazy things I find. julie hamilton designs-artistically afflicted blog My goal for this trip ~ lots of computer free time. Time spent observing, drawing and feeling present. julie hamilton designs-artistically afflicted blog My sense of urgency to do it all ~ designing, blogging #365 patterns ~ slowly takes a back seat to simply living life. I  will admit I find it very difficult to switch off and it takes more than a few days. I continue to feel like I am missing out on something, but with time I come to my senses and realize that everything I need is right here ~ family, friends, love and life. julie hamilton designs-artistically afflicted blog Most believe Aloha is just a greeting, but the word is a way of life for most living here on the islands. Here, Aloha is an attitude, guidance towards living  a certain way of life ~ the Aloha spirit.
A, ala, watchful, alertness L, lokahi, working with unity O, oia’i'o, truthful honesty H, ha’aha’a, humility A, ahonui, patient perseverance
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Finding inspiration on a winters walk

Last week I was thinking that spring is just around the corner. Once again, I have been fooled by Mother Nature. We are expecting 30-60 cm of snow this week in Whistler, B.C. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog It is usually at this time of year that I start to crave color, lots of color, in my life. I am surrounded by many different shades of gray and white and while I still find it beautiful, a little pop of color would be a welcome change. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog Todays walk had me trudging along, eyes downward, in search of some sketching inspiration. I was a bit surprised to find a bountiful of old, decayed foliage around. Lots of different shapes, colors and texture all supplied by a bit of cold weather and snow. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog I was a little amazed at some of the little tidbits of nature I found. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog Twenty minute sketch time ~ no thoughts on perfection just some fun mark making, paying attention to the different shapes and textures. Some more marks and hopefully some inspiration for a cool motif to add to my ever-growing collection. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog This is also very nice to come upon in the middle of winter. Yarn bombing is alive and well in Whistler. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog This still beings a smile to my face every time I see it. I am almost tempted to learn how to knit. What am I thinking?No. My husband is still trying to convince me that it would be really cool if I got a black sharpie and doodled all over our front yard birch tree. I think he may be making fun of me. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog My walking companion, Cariboo, patiently waiting for what he feels is rightfully his. I swear he was rolling his eyes during the photoshoot.
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