#Inktober Showcase

Inktober was started in 2009 and is still going strong today.  Mr Jake Parker, the creator of the project, has assigned very few rules Pick up a pen, draw, hashtag it #inktober, repeat. Anyone can take part and it seems like artists from all over the world do. I posted a picture and within 2 min 100 more pictures had been posted! The goal is to practice your drawing skills and develop the positive habit of doing it daily. Below are a few examples of my own work and a few from others within my surface pattern design community. Click on the pictures below for direct links to their Instagram accounts. Julie Hamilton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton[/caption] Playing with light and dark. Flower shapes, some seeds and pods and an owl for good measure. When in doubt stick a bird on it. Julie Hamilton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Julie Hamilton[/caption] Next we have Katy Halford.  I found it hard to choose between all of her lovely drawings. This one made me smile so here it is.Katy Halford for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Katy Halford[/caption] Mary Tanana made some beautiful drawings on black paper with touches of gold, courtesy of uniball gelpens. Mary Tanana for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Mary Tanana[/caption] Heather Dutton spent her time illustrating every letter of the alphabet with beautiful patterns. Check out her instagram account to see more.  Heather Dutton for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Amanda McGee  pretty much described all of us with her illustration. I am a big fan of her beautiful hand lettering! Amanda McGee for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Below is Flora Chang of Happy Doodle Land. Her name says it all. She loves to draw. Check out her new colouring book! Flora Chang for #inktober {artistically afflicted blog} Flor Inktober will be back again next year, but don't let that stop you from picking up a pen and just busting loose. Until then, feel free to share it with the rest of us on hashtag #shareyoursketch - another fun community to share your creative process. Ink on!
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Spring is in the air on #shareyoursketch

Sharing a bit of Spring with you from #shareyoursketch. Come join our community on Instagram and meet some other like-minded creatives. Share a sketch, your creative process,a new technique or even your finished piece. Just share. I will start with mine. I have been loving all things tropical theses days. I am feeling the need for a little colour in my life these days. Artist/Designer Julie Hamilton - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Lots of black and white spring sketches in my sketchbook too! Artist/Designer Julie Hamilton - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Colourbook Studio and her little gouache flowers Artist/Designer Colourbook Studio - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Amanda McGee and her colourful flowers, also in gouache. I think I may need to try this medium. Artist/Designer Amanda McGee - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Heather Dutton from Hang Tight Studio and her black and white butterflies.Love these! Artist/Designer Heather Dutton of Hang Tight Studio- {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Up next, Miranda Mol  and her wet ink work. Artist/Designer Miranda Mol  - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Marissa Swinghammer  has a beautiful, colourful Instagram account  full of spring, watercolour florals. Artist/Designer Marissa Swinghammer - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Lots of colour here!  Artist Sonal Nathwani Artist/Designer Sonal Nathwani - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Lesley Todd of Five Finch and her beautiful water-colour primroses Artist/Designer Lesley Todd of FinchFive Design - {artistically afflicted blog} #shareyoursketch Hopefully the birds are singing and blooms are starting to pop up where you live. Have a great week!
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Mushrooms in the sketchbook!

Mushroom - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} Mushroom season is slowly coming to an end here in Whistler. The temperature has dropped, the clouds have rolled in and snow is slowly creeping down the mountain. I will miss the whispering sounds of pickers scouring the woods. The different shapes, texture and colour peeking out from the most unexpected of places. There really is something special about the enchanted, woodland forest complete with toadstools and fairies that brings your imagination to life. Mushroom - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} Unfortunately, I have to admit I have still not picked any mushrooms for my own table.I am still a little unsure of what is good and what is not so good. I am not taking any responsibility for poisoning my family or sending a dinner guest on some wild, hallucinogenic trip. The latter could almost make a good movie though.. The Whistler Naturalist host a great weekend event full of talks and walks The Fungus among Us every October during the season. Next year I am attending. I have a bounty of goodness right here in my backyard and it's time to start enjoying them...not just drawing and taking pretty pictures though that is fun too.. Mushroom Sketch ~ julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} Some sketchbook love and mushroom illustration for you mushrooms in the sketchbook - julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}   It's time for the snow to fly in Whistler.  We have a month to fill up the mountain and valley with that white, fluffy stuff. Until then I will be off in my own little tropical world on The Big Island of Hawaii. Expect to see lots of  foliage mixed with beautiful, watery blues and shades of green here on my blog. I am bringing some watercolors and hope to learn how to use them. See you!
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So sorry Blog, but Instagram is my true love these days..

Blog break up letter {artistically afflicted blog} I think I may be breaking up with my blog. I am having mixed feelings about it right now.I feel horrible. It has served me so well and has always been here for me - I talk, it listens. A perfect place to show and tell. I cannot lie though. I have discovered another. Instagram ~ julie hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted blog} One that inspires me, motivates me and is oh, so lovely to look at. One that it is so easy to be around and engage with. One that actually comments and shows lots of love. One that I can carry close to my heart and stays by my side.. My new love...Instagram My goal ~ to post daily about my creative process and finished product. To make more time for my photography. To connect with others in my community.     Instagram ~ julie hamilton designs on {artistically afflicted blog}   In our busy world today, it is so easy to find a moment to pick up a phone and connect with Instagram. It is  very user-friendly. There are thousands of beautifully inspiring pictures posted daily. Take some time to explore and discover. Find out what interests and inspires you. Follow others in your field and leave a comment to connect. You just never know, it might just be your next collaboration! I thought I would share some of my favourite  Instagram feeds with you today to help you on your way! These are off the top of my head and they vary from pretty pictures, lovely food styling, great design or just real, interesting people living a life very different than my own. Instagram feeds  ArtisticallyAfflicted (That's me!) MaryJoHoffman Inaluxe TheyDrawAndCook TheyDrawandTravel Cannellevanille Flow_magazine TravelWriteDraw ShiraMcD Emily_Jeffords Tracyporter_poeticwanderlust   If you are interested in showing your creative process, please feel free to use the hashtag #shareyoursketch. I started it many months ago and it has gained quite a bit of momentum with people sharing daily. I will be (re)starting a weekly #shareyoursketch column here featuring work from it. While I am not saying goodbye  quite yet, I believe in fair chances for all, I think I am going to try things a bit differently around here. More frequent posts ~ Less words, more pictures. More about what really inspires me!
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#Shareyoursketch with us on Instagram

Get your sketch on and come share with us at #shareyoursketch on Instagram. Meet others in our community, try something new, get inspired. Just hashtag your sketch #shareyoursketch and join in! It can be any medium, any style.anything goes. The creative process has to start somewhere. Here are a few shots from #shareyoursketch this week.  Starting with me! An actual photo of me doing what I love best - doodling. I think I was the only one with a smile on my face after 4 hours being stuck on the Sea to Sky highway. I have to admit it's been about the only time I have had a bit of peace and quiet to actually sit down and just draw with no distractions.   julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog I was a little stumped on what to draw, but here I was overlooking the Pacific Ocean so first thing that came to! All shapes and sizes here. [caption id="attachment_5320" align="aligncenter" width="560"]julie hamilton designs on artistically afflicted blog Some Fish For You![/caption] Tina of @Tinaliondes shares her work created during some stormy weather and time spent indoors. #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog}   @artbreaking shows us her thoughts on spring.Her instagram feed is full of zentangles, doodles and just a lot of  art! Have a visit, it's amazing to see all her marks in one spot. #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} Diane of @dianekappa spends her morning hours drawing. I love her paisley pattern here with its inky lines. #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} Patricia of @patricia_zapata has started a #365 project which I have been enjoying. Pop by for a daily dose of what she is up to. Actually here is a little write up on her blog about what she is up to! #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} Michelle of @patternandco has been doodling dahlias. I love seeing where people find their inspiration and how they transform it into a drawing. #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} Next we have two pieces from Wendy Flynn of  @dorisandfred. Her sketches have been digitized, coloured and made into fabric at Spoonflower. She has entered this weeks competition, Wellies and Galoshes. You can see her finished piece and vote for her here #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} The finished piece looks like this one here! #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} Last, but not least, we have Heather of @heatherunderground. Heather always makes me laugh. I have only met her once at a Flora Bowley workshop, but we have remain connected through social media.She has a great imagination! I love her sketchy portrait that pretty much sums up how I feel right about now. It's Christmas design time and everyday is starting to feel like Christmas around here. I am in need of a big dose of summer.I am officially done with christmas baubles and reindeer. #shareyoursketch on the {artistically afflicted} blog} That's all for this week - more to come later! Pop on by Instagram and search #shareyoursketch for more sketchiness. Have a fun-filled weekend!
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