Happy Holidays to you!

It is a bit of a Winter Wonderland right now in Whistler. Everything is exactly like it should be. WHITE Whistler Blackcomb {artistically afflicted blog} We have had endless days of snow, the twinkly lights are all lit up and the skiers have arrived for what has proved to be the start of an epic season. So much fun hooting and hollering through the snow drifts. It restores my love for here. Whistler Inuksuk {artistically afflicted blog} Thankfully with all the snow has come a pile of Christmas spirit. I have been in Christmas mode over here designing and decorating. It makes such a difference doing it now, versus in April, when the sun is starting to shine and the grass and flowers are beginning to pop. My goal is to get as much created now while inspiration strikes.  Christmas Wreath by Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} A series of wooded boughs and all things natural. I love the woodland feel of these. I am still painting and cutting daily and have enjoyed adding all of this Christmas flora and foliage to my portfolio. Holly Balls by Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} A few colourful paper-cuts have been compiled all with a festive feel. I still like bit of traditional red and green for the holiday season.. plus it still sells well in the art licensing world! Christmas Bunting by Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog}   Happy Holidays by Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} Wishing you a Happy Holiday season! Enjoy every minute of it. See you in 2016! xo
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An Illustrated Christmas Challenge

It's the time of the year to doodle, paint, stamp and play your way through the holidays. The illustrated advent challenge is on! Illustrated Christmas - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} So far I have counted 4 groups participating, but I am sure there are many more. Feel free to check out their accounts and play along. It is a great way to get inspired, meet others in your community and make work for your portfolio. Here are the links for you to see the  christmas prompts and hashtags:
  1. #adventartchallenge  - organized by Four Corners Art Collective
  2. #sketchaday_penandpaint - organized by Lindsay Hopkins
  3. #illustratedadvent2015 - organized by Rebecca Stoner and Suzanne Washington
  4. #365doodleswithjohannafritz - organized by Johanna Fritz
Last year I participated and made a ton of work for my portfolio. A few pieces derived from the month got licensed, the others I chalk up to practice and experience. This year I will not be illustrating one, but will  continue to make art everyday concentrating on areas that need work. I will post a round up of all the great images I have been seeing here later in the month. Enjoy!
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Big Fat Art with Jane Davies

Meet Jane. Jane is fun, quirky, straightforward, very creative and a whole lot spontaneous! I had the pleasure of spending all last week with Jane Davies on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. Three days of Big Fat Art and another two of Monoprinting with the infamous Gelliplate. I was definitely in my happy place spending long days just creating with no means to an end, making unexpected marks, combining new colours and exploring lots of layers. A little ukulele playing did not hurt the process.... Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} We spent the week exploring fast, carefree mark-making with various mark making tools, charcoal, water-colour crayons, ink and pastel. We combined unexpected colours, playing with opaque and transparent colours. We added texture through the use of paint and handmade collage papers.We learned how to add lots of depth to our work. We even added a few drips here and there. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Most importantly though we silenced the inner critic within and created with no concern for what is right and what is wrong. Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} To be truthful, it wasn't easy. It can be a little disconcerting to try new things and work against principles that have been ingrained in you by every art teacher and book out there. What I loved about Jane was her constant encouragement to push past what we already know and try something different, and her love for the creative process versus the finished outcome. For me that included No imagery - no flowers, birds or other whimsical things flying around and, gasp, maybe putting some purple in my work. Ok, some things I just couldn't manage to push myself past, BUT look how awesome it looks below with the reds and yellows! Big Fat Art with Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} This, once again, reminds me of the importance of keeping an art journal. A safe place to try out new marks, colours and techniques. A place to make some really bad art with hopefully some unexpected surprises of greatness! Learning from Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} Here are a few of my works in progress. A few things I learned about myself: I love strong, bold colour. I love texture, but not necessarily patterned texture. I love depth.I love discovering little marks hiding underneath different layers.I love organic shapes. I love a wee bit of black in my work. I love contrast. I am a wee bit scared of the abstract. I still don't feel comfortable with the tension it often adds to work. I also learned that I need to add more areas of rest and lightness to my work. I need to take a deep breath and work on the details of each smaller piece within the bigger whole, to be more mindful and to slow down and sit with a piece before I call it finished. I need to add more interestingness to my work either by contrast, line or layering. Learning from Jane Davies - Julie Hamilton Creative {artistically afflicted blog} What a great week! I could spend all day, everyday, creating. For more info on Jane please visit her website. Do not miss out on her tutorials tab. Jane is very generous with her knowledge and discoveries and has dozens of great video tutorials to share. Small doses of creative inspiration! She also offers online and real life workshops. Sign up for her newsletter for more info on upcoming courses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Have a great week! I hope the sun is shining and the autumn leaves are in full color for you.
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Happy Earth Day!

The birds and the bees,  the water and the trees, flowers, rocks, mountains.....whats not to love? It inspires me daily. Happy Earth Day! PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Some paper-cut art patterns in honour. PaperCut Art  - Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog} Enjoy the rest of your week!
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Top tips from Surface Pattern Designers!

A little shout out goes to Ali Benyon of Ali Benyon Designs for her Top tips and tricks for Surface Pattern Designers! Recently Ali has created  2 blogposts with tips and tricks from a global bunch of surface pattern designers from all stages of their careers. I was fortunate to be included and shared a few of my own pearls of wisdom. I found that all of the tips and tricks were applicable to anyone in the creative field from artists to start up entrepeneurs. Inspirational quote {artistically afflicted blog} There was lots of good advice. I walked away with a sense of comfort knowing that it's not just me ~ this creative business is hard work! It demands that you show up everyday, you practice, and you believe. March forward, head up! (I am always in need of a reminder about this) [caption id="attachment_2689" align="aligncenter" width="558"]Deborah Velasquez, quote, authenticity Art by Deborah Velasquez[/caption] It was interesting to read everyone's take on being unique and staying true to yourself and your style. It seems that this is a little something that all of us struggle with. It doesn't surprise me ~ we are visual artists, we love to look at art and more often than not we are inspired by it. I think it's normal to want to try different tricks and techniques in a style not your own. It's a great way to learn BUT realize that you have to make it your own. You have to add your very own signature style to it before you call it your own. artistically afflicted blog There was lots of advice about practice, patience and perseverance, a  few tips about color AND a great reminder of all the routes you can take in this profession. I often forget all of the endless avenues for your art so thank you for that! I won't give anymore away. I could spend hours discussing the ins and outs and how and whys of the creative process, but then that would take away from hours that could be spent just... Making Art! Make Art - Make more Art - Enjoy the process = your time will come! Part one is here Part two is here A big Thanks to Ali for bringing us all together! Enjoy!
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