Come and meet some inspiring creatives ~ a blog hop

I have been asked to join in on a blog hop by my good friend Deborah Velasquez. I have just spent the past hour drifting backwards through the hop and I still can't find its origin, but it has been well worth my time as I have stumbled upon some beautiful artists , writers and like minded souls from all over the world. One of which lives just down the mountain from me! Today I will answer a few questions about my work and then point you in the direction of a few other creative souls who inspire me - Deborah Velasquez, Margot Miller and Laura Wooten What are you working/writing on? In typical  fashion, I have many projects on the go right now. I hop about daily from one project to the next, working on what inspires me at the moment. My main focus this summer  is centered on an illustration project I have for The Whistler Survival Guide, a  directory for newcomers moving to the area. It is my first illustrating gig and while I am finding it challenging, I am in awe of how much I am learning. There will be more here on the blog in the fall when it is released. Whistler summer - Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}   My summer fun project  involves creating a collection of 8 by 8" mixed media pieces.  These mini works have become a a part of my daily creative practice.They are my go-to when I feel the need for a little painting, spraying and stamping in my life. They make me happy. I have recently written a post about the process here. julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} Mixed in with all of this is my art licensing work , monthly submissions for A Fresh Bunch and a new collection coming soon to Modern Yardage. Life is busy, but very enjoyable! Why do you create? One of my favourite sayings and one that provides me with daily inspiration and the desire to create. Never lose your sense of wonder Six words that allow me to travel through life with eyes wide open  Floral -  Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog}   I am visually inspired by colour, texture and shape. My heart starts racing, I feel a little tingly all over and I can't wait to dive into my art journal  when inspiration strikes. I love all the endless possibility that creating art provides. I love immersing myself in a theme and exploring different ways of representation. Simply put ~ I love the way art makes me feel. When I am not creating I am in search of what to create next. It has become what makes me whole.  Floral -  Julie Hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} How does your creative process work? I work best in short bursts of creative chaos. My paintings and mix media work are all intuitive. I start with marks and gradually move into texture and colour. I observe my mood and what is happening before me on the paper to dictate the direction the piece will take. I can often be found lying on the couch, my artwork propped up before me, with eyes squinted as I turn my piece this way and that, hoping that something...anything.. will materialize before me.   Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog) My surface pattern work is a little more structured and usually focused around a collection of motifs.I love to doodle and my sketchbook and pen are never far from my side. Life here becomes a little more computer oriented as I have to scan my work in and pattern in Illustrator. julie hamilton designs {artistically afflicted blog} I love the combination of both the structured and unstructured. It allows me to play and experiment with new techniques. Oh how  I look forward to the day when I have mastered all of the Adobe programs so I can express myself in all mediums.. Ahhh... big sigh..that was a lot of writing in one sitting. Now, onto the women in my life that inspire and motivate me. Some I know well and others I am in the process of getting to know.I chose to reach out to them in hopes that they would share and  learn a little bit more about what makes them tick. Deborah Velasquez I first met Deborah through Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons. I believe we  originally connected based on a similar love for seeds and pods . Our friendship grew as we continued on a similar  journey with The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design and then onto Make Art That Sells. She is my go-to girl in times of  creative need, both good and bad. She brings a smile to my face. Please pop back to her blogpost here to learn all about her work and creative process. Deborah Velasquez - artist on the {artistically afflicted blog} Her work is modern, sophisticated, graphic and bold with a unique colour sense and reflects her simplicity for the love of line. Deborah Velasquez - artist on the {artistically afflicted blog} Deborah loves the mixture of design, words, art and craft. She has a very unique way of combining them all together. Watch out for this one! Deborah Velasquez - artist on the {artistically afflicted blog} Margot Miller I joyfully came across Margots work in Make Art that Sells. I now follow her daily on Instagram at  @margot531 (#scenesfrommyscreen)  This woman is  multi-talented and funny too. Meet Margot  ~ a collage illustrator from N.Y. She is a bit of a tweetaholic and likes her coffee too.. I think we could be friends. Margot miller - artist selfie on {artistically afflicted blog} Check out her website! I wish she would give tutorials on how she creates her lovely work...   Margot Miller -artist on {artistically afflicted blog} Beautiful colours, shapes and texture! I love this piece she made for Make Art that Sells. Below is a hand lettering piece she  did for a friends book launch blog hop. Pretty awesome. Margot Miller -artist on {artistically afflicted blog}   Laura Wooten Next up is Laura Wooten. Laura has been on a similar path with continued studies in both the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design and Make Art that Sells. I was thrilled when I reached out to her to be a part of the bloghop and she said Yes! I love her  52 collage project - creating a collage each week.This has inspired me to no end and makes me want to try. Laura Wooten -artist on {artistically afflicted blog} I admire her beautiful hand drawn sketches and prints. The colours are just beautiful -  I love the vintage feel. Her website is full of lots of painting and pattern goodness. Laura Wooten -artist on {artistically afflicted blog} Laura also instagrams  daily. I have been enjoying her daily sketch project. You can visit her here on Instagram Laura Wooten -artist on {artistically afflicted blog} These women will be blogging about their creative lives next Saturday and introducing you to other creatives that inspire them. You just never know who you may meet so be sure to drop by!
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Inspired by mark making

Some weeks are just harder than others to create. Last week was one of those weeks. Some weeks I just get brain overload ~ I want to draw and create too many things. This usually happens when I am pressed for time and have other priorities looming. A definite form of procrastination. I call it productive procrastination no time is left wasted. I started seashells,sailboats and surfboards..but nothing was catching.Not even flowers which are always my go to. So,in search of simplicity, I finally decided to do just that ~ keep it simple. I lay my journal and black pen out on the kitchen counter and dedicated the week to mark making. Whenever inspiration hit I doodled some marks...Drive by doodling. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog I often find myself needing texture and backgrounds in my work. This applies to both drawing and painting. I find it quite handy having a reference list of marks that I can refer to in times when my mind goes blank.I also need more coordinates for my patterns. Interesting marks and textures make great coordinates. They also make great geometric patterns. julie hamilton designs, artistically afflicted blog I love black and white. There are no restrictions, no complementary colors to think about and absolutely no worries if they go well together. If your design doesn't look good in black and white then there is a very good chance color is not going to be able to save it! julie hamilton design This is not the first time I have done this! I like to doodle and love my black pens.I am still waiting for my Sharpie pen sponsorship... Remember to come and #shareyoursketch with me over on Instagram. julie hamilton design We have been hit hard with long, glorious summer-like days. We always like to say that we have our own little piece of heaven here in Whistler, B.C. and right now it's definitely feeling that way.The mountains are full of snow, the sky bluebird and the flip-flops are out!Very unusual weather for this time of year and not to be missed. Next week I am heading off to NYC to Surtex. Eek! I will be walking the show and just trying to get a feel for this industry that I have thrown myself into it. I am expecting to be overwhelmed.I am ready for it! Will keep you posted! Have a great week everyone!
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Inspired by creative scissorhands

Life continues to be very happy here in sunny, Whistler, B.C. Canada. We dream of snow,but instead have been given many beautiful sunny days for this time of the year.No complaints, the skiing is still good, but  do I dare think that winter is almost over? I continue to juggle an endless stream of fun loving guests,work on "my brand" and website and my goal to create a pattern a day.I am very happy to say that I am (almost) accomplishing it all! Big pat on the back. I am also managing to find time a bit of time to papercut. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog I have been meaning to post about my new found love for papercutting for some time now. The honeymoon period has worn off and I am now fully committed to it. I find it the perfect escape from the computer. I also love that I can sit,chat and have a glass of wine all while papercutting. No injuries yet. I have not ventured into the very small and intricate form of papercutting yet. A trip to the city and definitely a smaller blade may help me on my way. julie hamilton, artistically afflicted blog I have done a bit of research on the web and have found some beautiful  work that I would like to share with you. I absolutely love this piece by Peter Callesen. He has transformed a flat piece of paper into a dimensional piece of work with the actual papercut expanding into the outlying space. I am very intrigued by this.I love the fragility of it. artistically afflicted blog Jeannette Kuvin Oren is extremely talented and,if I might say, a bit artistically afflicted.Her work ranges from mosaics and stained glass to wall hangings  and graphic design. Oh, and she likes to cut paper too! artistically afflicted blog I feel like I should do a separate blog post on the next artist Elsa Mora.She has created  a wonderful website, art is a way~about imagination and creativity in the spirit of personal growth and collective wellness. artistically afflicted blog, julie hamilton It is full of all sorts of wonderful.A visual treat. Have a look~ Art is a way Elsa will be in Portland this summer teaching a three day workshop with ACE camps. I have my eye on it. Elsa, Portland, Ace camps and papercutting ~ it all sounds pretty spectacular. I would love to discover some more artists working with this medium so if you know of any, please share! Have a sweet, artfully inspired, week.
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Inspired by...exploring a theme

photography, black and white I am running with a theme here ~ trees. Last week it was leaves, yesterday a bit of playing with the abstract in the digital world and today more inspiration coming my way in the form of it's branches. I am warming up to this idea of choosing a theme and working on every aspect of it. I haven't even explored the texture,shapes and many colors yet. This could keep me entertained for quite some time. ink drawing, digital art, And because its almost that time of the year, I had to add a reindeer or two. ink drawing More to come next week! ink,tree, It's Art Everyday month ~ Hop on over to Leah's blog for more info on Art Everyday. I have had a very fun and productive week participating in Art Everyday month, but it's the weekend and no computer time for me. My family will only give me grief. Rumour has it the mountain is also opening here in Whistler!
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Inspired by...april showers,may flowers and a little skunk

April showers bring May flowers. Well one can only hope.. Around here all my flowers are painted...not planted. Forecast calling for snow flurries tomorrow. I smile only because it's almost funny. I dare Mother nature... acrylic painting, poppy and pods, art In our neck of the woods April showers also brings Skunk Cabbage! A sure sign that more spring is right around the corner..followed by more spring like weather. Lots of spring around here. skunk cabbage, whistler Pretty~ Pretty smelly. Western skunk cabbage is also known as swamp lantern. How pretty is that name?  Want to take a guess as to why its called skunk cabbage? Thats right...for the skunky odor it emits. A favorite saying around our town
You know you're a local when....when you actually love the smell of skunk cabbage swamp lantern.
I do! For me its Whistler...its spring. A sign of summer to come. I went for a dog walk yesterday to take pictures of things inspiring me. I knew that once I was out in the fresh air all thoughts of warm breezes,sunny days, bluebird sky would dissipate. Because, truth be told, I am actually quite inspired by death and decay. I don't know why..I love the antique, distressed feel, the organic shapes formed?? Maybe its just the experience of getting out there in the rain, at one with nature (insert eye roll). Soft smelling skunk, a light mist rolling over the mountains and lake, many shades of gray, the anticipation of summer, my goofy dog.....or maybe it's just my rose-colored glasses. Whatever it is ~ it makes me smile. photography, spring,whistler photography, spring buds, whistler photography, whistler, nature, birch Whenever I need a hit of inspiration I get out my camera and start with my birch. I love my birch. They have been the subject of many a photo shoot. Look at all the lovely layers of paper...which of course have made their way into my daily collage. photography, whistler, nature, birch photography, whistler, nature, dead leaf photography, whistler, nature, red canoe It's all good. I don't know if I could imagine a life without seasons. Thanks today goes out to Lori Moon. I started this blog post to participate in her May Flower challenge. Look where it led a fine, appreciation of this gloomy rainy day! If you would like to play along or just need a dose of prettiness, go on over to her blog and have a look! I hope you have on your rose-colored glasses today! (especially if you live in the pacific northwest:)
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