Inspired by...a little creative license

When nature calls I come running. I work well with the sun shining, windows wide open, birds chirping and lots of life surrounding me. My perfect world. My reality? Dirty snow, mediocre temperatures, drizzle, socked in by low-lying clouds.  I love my home, but  I lust Hawaii. (Unless of course I can have a bluebird, spring ski day...) I give Whistler the love it deserves most of the year, but I just have to work a wee bit harder to find inspiration during this time of the year. Spring is long and summer short. The grass is always greener... hawaii, big island, coral and lava, photography Call it my own personal creative license, but as I slowly work myself back into my reality I am just going to keep dreaming (and blogging) of Hawaii. Big Island, Hawaii, photography, Ahhh...doesnt that just make you feel better!?? All the senses  are activated by a little ocean time... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, Lava tube formed by hot lava flowing down into the ocean. Looking for an active volcano and a goddess to go with it? The Big island has it! Big island, hawaii, lava rock, photography Big island, hawaii, Volcano, Kilauea, photography A little heaven on earth. Ranch land, lush, tropical rain forests, waterfalls,volcanic desert, snow capped mountains... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, landscape The Big Island has 11 of the 13 ecosystems. Its the youngest island, but the biggest and still growing, thanks to Pele, the  volcano goddess. Home of the most active volcano, Kilauea, the tallest sea mountain, MaunaKea. ~ and it also has a Walmart, Target and Pier One,scheduled to open in September! Big Island, Hawaii, photography, surfing Still working on my comfort level in the water having lived in the mountains for over 20 yrs now... waves get my heart  a thumping. I will conquer them. Big Island, Hawaii, photography, flower In our backyard~ free! $15/stem at my local flower store, here in reality. Mango, papaya and avocado ripe and ready to go. And always more flora and fauna... Big Island, Hawaii, photography, red ginger v Big Island graffiti ~ lava rock and coral. The perfect contrast. Big Island, lava, coral,photography big island, hawaii, sunset, photography A perfect end to a perfect day. Bear with me a little longer as I transition back into my real world...but a girls got to dream! Where's your perfect world? The internet makes our big, beautiful world so accessible...I would love to check yours out!
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Inspired by...the many shades of gray

porteau cove, sea to sky highway, whistler, winterTime to lock the house down. Minus 20 C, with a wind chill factor of -35-40C. Brrrrrr... Arctic outflow warning in effect. porteau cove, sea to sky highway, whistler, winter The past couple of days have been frosty and gray, mixed with a bit of blowing snow. Fantastic winter weather. The type of cold that bites. The type of weather that lets you know you are alive. I like it...(if I am dressed appropriately)  sea to sky highway, whistler, winter I had to do a little creative business  down in the city, but managed to stop along the way and take some pictures. I was almost blown over. I love the color. I know its gray, but I am loving all the different shades of gray these days. I love how gray takes on any color that is close by. I need to practice my photography and work on my white balances a bit more. The photos do not do the day justice. The lighting was so beautiful and soft. sea to sky highway, whistler, winter, black and white I decided to make this photo black and white. Here I am driving down the sea to sky hwy being inspired by all the grayness (of all things!) and what happens...the sun decides to pokes it face through and add a whole new dimension of color to everything. Very beautiful....but not gray.  love the color. I know its gray, but I am loving all the different shades of gray these days. I love how gray takes on any color that is close by. Back in Britannia Beach. Some photos, a very brisk dog walk and a delicious latte at Galileo Coffee ~ my favorite stop of the day. On the road home....
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Inspired by...a little christmas cheer

I love this time of the season. Whistler is bustling with people from all over the world. Happy cheerful people. Lots of excitement in the air. [caption id="attachment_1444" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Whistler valley"]whistler, blackcomb[/caption] We have had a number of bluebird days in a row.The sun is shining! Unfortunately, while the sun brings smiles, snow brings even bigger smiles. Everyone is enjoying the sunshine, but you can feel the need and want for some freshly fallen snow. A perfect day here is one that snows by night, sun by day. Those are the days when you feel like you have stepped into a little piece of heaven here on earth. [caption id="attachment_1445" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="winter 2010 olympic rings"]olympic rings,whistler,2010[/caption] Living in a resort town guarantees you guests. Our home has been full for over a week and there is no sign of it letting up much before the new year.We have a bit of an open door policy around here.So much so that I found a bear in my garage the other day... [caption id="attachment_1460" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="no food...just some recycling and christmas receipts"][/caption] It is way past his bedtime...he obviously needs a calendar. In the Christmas spirit I felt like wrapping him up a little to-go package of food, sending him on his merry way to sleep with a full belly. I hope your holiday season is filled with lots of love! Be mindful...slow down,appreciate, enjoy. We have so much to be grateful for. Happy Holidays!
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